IBM Recruitment Process Standard


Hi everyone,

My name's Ice. I'm from Thailand so I'm sorry if my English is bad. 

I applied for Business Transformation Consultant Entry Level position for IBM(Thailand) and completed my IPAT test 3 days ago. The point is, I found a page "IBM Interview Questions" which explained all processes that has to be passed in order to be successful candidate. Do I have to face all those processes in Thailand as same as UK ? Is it possible that IBM might shorten the processes due to few candidates (4 candidates, for instance) ?

I just want to know because in Thailand, there is two IBMs. One is IBM(Thailand) and second one is IBM Solution Delivery(Thailand). Most of fresh graduates in IT like me usually goes for IBMSD or other companies. When we say "IBM" in Thailand, most of IT people will think about IBMSD first and position I applied has been posted on IBM site around 1 and a half month ago, so I think there isn't a lot of candidates.

To be honest, after I read all processes explained. I’m losing my confidence and feeling nervous.

Best regards,
Ice :slight_smile: