IBM Leicester Services Centre



Hi all,

Did anyone here attend one of the half-day Assessment Centres for the IBM Services Centre in Leicester last week? Have you heard anything if so?

I attended but have not heard from them as of yet.



Hi Anon,

Was just wondering what happened next! Please share your experience.

Thank you!


Hi Anon,

I heard back and was offered a role! I started on the 15th June.

If you’ve been at one of the recent Assessment Centre half-day events, I hope it went well for you :slight_smile:

A few days after I made that post, I had an email asking me to have a short phone interview with a project manager as they felt I was a good fit for a role on that project. The call was short and quite relaxed with nothing too technical. I then received my job offer via email about 1 week later.

The current process is that if you are succesful at the AC you will have a telephone technical interview with someone relevant to your potential job-role, and from there they will decide whether or not to make an offer.


Wow! That’s great to know…Congratulations!!!
Thank you so much for replying to me…
I had my assessment day today and just now received an email about the technical telephone interview. Keeping fingers crossed!
If you don’t mind, could you please tell me the role you applied and a little more about the telephone interview. That would help me to know what to expect!

Thanks again…



I had my telephone interview and now waiting for the feedback. Did you receive any email/call before receiving the one with job offer.
I am keeping my fingers crossed!


That’s great! I hope it went well for you.

I can’t remember exactly but I believe it was about 5 days after my phone interview I received an email with my offer in it, plus all the documentation to complete for pre-employment checks / reference checks etc.


Hey…I am glad to say that I got offer letter today!!


Hi Anon just wondered whether you could give me any tips Iv got an assessment day coming up for a graduate project management role at one of the IBM service centres , would appreciate any help you could give Thanks