IBM Laptop



I’m about to start a role of IBM Foundation IT Consultant and am wondering what laptop would I get with the job (and as a side note, any other things - like company phone etc.). Has anyone else got that role?

I’m mainly concerned about the laptop and whether it will be able to use it for private tasks (not p0rn/games, but I’m likely to be doing some graphics/flash on the side). Obviously, this is likely to be a business laptop, I’m not expecting high end graphics here, but it might be good enough for what I need it for.

So if anyone has any ideas, lemme know.



Have you read through your contract? I know in my PwC contract it says that you’re allowed to use laptops for private use, although they do put some conditions on it that are a bit vague.



Yes I have. The contract itself is very much the core legal stuff, nothing about day to day things such as equipment, starting day arrangements, etc.

To be honest, I don’t think that it actually mentions whether I get a laptop or not, but I DO know that everyone (well, 92% of IBM staff) get one. I suppose I might have to wait until my criminal checks come through - maybe then I’ll get a more detailed “contract”.

But I’m wondering whether there’s anyone here on these forums that works for IBM and can give me a heads up in the mean time…


With some minor restrictions, you can usually do what you like with it!


Ha, “minor restrictions”, eh! Thanks, I’m more interested in the specs though… Anyone got any ideas?


Yeah expect something like an IBM T43.


Hmmmm, the only thing I can find are a 3-4 year old T43 notebooks… Is that what you mean? Surely they will have something a little newer (being closely linked with Lenovo and all…)?




I don’t think that IBM will give out some junk like T43… Probably something like T51 or whatever will be newer by the time you start with them.

In terms of graphics - I’m guessing the laptop will have something like Nvidia Quadro FX which should do just fine with 3D graphics, Autocads and other work related soft.


Yeah that’s probably true. PwC gave me a T43- it was actually a very good laptop, however it booted from an encrypted volume which meant it was painfully slow, and that was before you had to load Lotus Notes :wink:

For those IBM/Lenovo lovers out there, you might be pleased to know that WikiJob is all IBM ;-). I have an X41 and I love it. It runs Ubuntu like a dream.