IBM IPATO test results


the numerical bit feels like the 11+ maths test!!! to be honest, it’s exactly like it! so next time i’m going to wack out those 11+ revision guides, which are now ancient!!!


Can someone please give further details on the Number series and Maths Reasoning, that is sections 2 and 3… Some examples would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance


What do u mean by further details?


I just want examples so, i roughly know what im expecting…


Second section is just number patterns and working out the next number in the sequence. (obviously more complicated than this example)

2, 4, 6 ,8, x

What is x?


Third section is very much like the 11 plus, so worded numerical questions. Like:

Peter, David and Tina ate lunch together. Tin’as bill was 70% more than David’s bill. Peter’s bill was 11/9 as much as Tina’s bill. If David paid £10 for his lunch, approximately how much was the total bill that the three paid?



I have gathered loads of useful information from this website on the IPATO test. I just wanted to take time out and thank all participants on this thread. If someone has any further examples in particular on the Data Matrices section, please private message me, cheers.




Khalid_Armstrong - When did you apply for IBM? I mean after how log did you got the IPATO test invitation? I applied on 29th april they send me a DDi world survey request but no ipato test.


I applied March 2010, and got notification of the IPATO test about two days ago. I had to chase the recruitment team for about 2 months. The process appears to be very slow. As long as the application status reads as ‘‘under review’’, I wouldn’t be worried.


Just done the Ipato

I had no idea how many matrices questions there were so I guessed the last question on each matrice question because those were longer and I thought I would be rushed. Ended up having 6 minuted left over so quite annoyed.

Number series, is pretty simple, although ran out of time with 4 to go. U need to average probably around 15- 20 seconds per question.

Numerical reasoning is quite easy.

The annoying thing is, unlike SHL/PSL tests you don’t know how far you are through the test!!!


hi everyone,
i just received an IPATO test from IBM and cannot find any practise tests for it. I so want to get this placement. Can someone who has recently carried out a IPATO test advise how can I prepare for it. The three sections are data matrices, numbering and mathimatical reasoning.
Some practise questions will we great if any availible similar to the real thing.

Thanks and a Happy new Year!


That was tough!!! couldn’t finish the matrices part, there was 4 parts, I don’t know why~~two number reasoning sections in part 2 and 4. I don’t think I did good


try :

they are a bit easier than the IPATO, but I think the IPATO is designed for people not to finish. So don’t worry too much. I thought I had done bad, but passed

best of luck


Can someone please provide more details on the Matrix part?



You don’t need worried about the math, just one thing------- Be waked!


im not sure what the matrix part consists of. if it is diagrammatic resoning this could help:


Being awake is part of the plan jeffopensource lol.

I will be doing mine on Saturday.

Does the sequences part have questions like…find the nth term etc?


Is the (5x5) matrix table manipulation like the Diagrammatic or Logical reasoning test? If not, where can i find examples before i do the test? Would be much appreciated!!!


Ok guys…

I applied for IBM technical consultant role…

I read da advice on this forum for my IPAT tests…

It was soooooo hard… i easily passed my shl n kenexa tests for other companies that i applied to… but this test was depressing

NO 5x5 matrices questions

Only number series… and text maths questions…

You got like 2-3min for each question, then next question starts…

The series is tricky… it not like 2, 4, 8, 16, ?

NO not all… it like bloody random numbers…

And u got to find da relationship somehow…

Like it can be that the 1st and 2nd are added to get third or so

I mean dats just a random made up example…but its more tricky than that…trust me…by da time u start to understand da pattern, ull have less than 30sec left

It can all be that like after every third term, da next term is added by so an so much…

And the text questions… omg sum of them i found soo tricky… sum where ok tho… percentage… some four machine process soo many docs on average together… if two are replaced with 20% more efficient machines how many docs more will the two new machines process…etc etc… many these kind of questions…many many

But some of da text questions are easy…but most are tricky

When i did da test i was super surprised how hard it was… i was soo depressed that i even during the actual test…texted my friends…dun bother applying ibm… their test is impossible… i did as many as i could… a left many… i guessed a few…

I thot i had failed 100%… it was my hardest test ever

But next day i got email dat i had met da min or exceeded der min pass mark…

I was super shocked…!!

Thank god i passed…(alhamdulillah)

U cant really find any good practice tests online…

Just be sharp…do as many as u can…think think…and hopefully ull pass too inshallah


And to add further on those machine questions… they can ask… they start at this time… if two 20% more efficent ones are introduced replacing two of the four old ones… and the new ones start 15min after the two old ones… what time will all docs have been processed… dat type of question…

And two guys travelling…at different times…take break at different times and for different durations… what difference in min will they arrive to the destination if they were driving at this and dat speed…

And then some company got these many trucks and vans… the old ones run soo many km per liter fuel… they will be replaced by trucks dat cover so much km/l and vans dat do so much per liter fuel… if total distance travelled by these vans n trucks are so so much…how many liter fuel will they save annually by replacing these with the new ones

The above are type of questions u can expect…

Stay sharp n focused…dun panic or give up…like i amost did…cuz i found it very hard…but still passed…somehow…lol…

U can afford to leave a few blank…i left some i couldn solve n time went off…n next question started… just try ur best n do as,many as possible… n hopefully ull pass too

Tc n do well ppl