IBM IPATO test results


Hi all

I have done the test in mid October and I am still waiting for the results (nearly 8 weeks now). Anybody in the same situation? Or is it just me?


Hi I did the test too. I got my results within 2 weeks and was thrilled to be invited to the next stage.

Did your test consist of a (5x5)matrix manipulation, number series and a numerical reasoning?

Does anyone know what kind of tests graduates have to sit at the assessment day?


<Did your test consist of a (5x5)matrix manipulation, number series and a numerical reasoning?>


<I got my results within 2 weeks and was thrilled to be invited to the next stage.>

It makes me wonder… I’ve applied in mid September and it’s December now. I understand that all good things take time but now I’m getting a bit nervous. I’ve contacted their graduation team about 3.5 weeks ago and they asked me to be patient as they have a lot of people awaiting test results. But if they are giving out results to people who did the test after me might that mean that they misplaced by application? I don’t want to bug them with email but how will I know otherwise?

Another weird thing is that on the application status in my profile in Job Applied field it says Graduate Technical Roles - IT Consultant, IT Specialist, Pre-sales Technical Specialist
(No longer available). Does that mean that the position is no longer available or just that they have renamed it recently?


Zidanee, I think you should contact IBM recruitment team, I did the IPATO test 3 weeks ago and got the results within 3 days. I passed on the next stage, and this is where I am waiting - its been 2 weeks. So yes, there’s certainly some sort of waiting around :slight_smile:

I hope all goes well for you!


IBM is a lot faster than most company, I have applied 1.5 week ago and now been ask to do the IPATO test…

Anyone got insight to the test? is it like the SHL test or GMAT kind test??




Regarding the online test, it involves the following:

  1. (5x5) matrix table manipulation
  2. Number sequences & series
  3. Numerical reasoning

It is no way like the SHL or GMAT type test. 2. is quite straight forward. Number 1. however is simply a table (5x5) with special characters in each cell whereby they would want you to follow instructions on replacing characters and switching (columns or rows in reverse order). Unfortunately you can not find practise tests as such on the net so its best to improvise with a made up table. For Number 3, its not statistics or graph/table based like SHL. Its more calculative.


The 5x5 matrix manipulation: do they assume familiarity with matrices already? As coyne20 describes it, it seems as though they talk you through it step by step. Which sounds nice and easy. (Otherwise, I’d better get revising!) Can anyone who’s done the IPATO comment here?


No, they don’t assume you are familiar with matrices. It is a very simple task on manipulating with data in your head quickly.


the ipato is very straight forward. the pass rate for non-business roles were 40% when I applied. not sure for techie roles.

I believe the key to the ipato is accuracy. try not to panic when you see the questions and the short time you have. I recall only completing slightly more then half of the test in the respective sections.

oh and from what i’ve heard… there arn’t many jobs at IBM this year (lots of people on waiting list aka ‘the ibm matching process’)

good luck


Those who are in interview stage or further, can you please share how did you prepared for “Data Matrics” part of IPATO test? I couldn’t find any help on this area…neither in books nor on website. Would sincerely appreciate your advice.


Anyone know how long it takes for IBM to get back to you after sucessfully passin IPATO and what the next steps are?



IBM works on a first come first service basis. I had applied last year, and passed all IPLATO tests. but they had already filled up for the grad scheme so kept me on record. they then contacted me this year for the new batch of graduates and was invited to an interview.


got back to made, made it through! madness… nice bit of nail biting and waiting!!

any one have any news on the first stage selection day?


Has anyone received an email from ibm asking to do online tests again for research purposes after passing the IPATO TEST


Is there any possibilty of getting SPAM mail like the original IBM IPATO test invitation?


Hi I did my IPATO test yesterday…

Data Matrix section is tricky…you have approximately 4 new matrices with 5 Qs on each matrix (i.e. 20 questions on the data matrices)…the time for this is 13 mins. One pointer on the Data matrix question is to draw a very large 5X5 matrix on an A4 sheet before the test (draw atleast 5 matrices, i.e. one on each of the 5 A4 sheets). The reason is that you can use this to do the manipulations they require (eg. if row 3 is reversed and column 1 is switched with column 3 what sign will repeat?).

The 20 numerical series questions are of 4 mins altogether with -ve marking.

The mathematical reasoning is different from SHL or efinance careers ones…they are tougher! They also have -ve marking and 15 questions in 15 mins. Best place to practice is to buy a mathematical reasoning test book…loads on Amazon…get a next day delivery!! Be aware these require good practice! Keep a calculator.

Does anyone know how long they take to respond???
Ive applied for software developer. I hope I get through mine…


Passed my test…thrilled!


I received an e-mail from IBM saying that this test is voluntary and may not reflect the hiring process. Is this the IPATo test? Also Fradoo did you receive same kind of e-mail.

This test had 12 questions only. Please help. Thanks.


Ya i did the test and i think it can only be for research purposes because it was so easy than the actual ipato test i did. im waiting to go for FRI. What about you which path are you going for.



I did my IPATO test on 11/03 but still haven’t heard back.

Any idea on the turnaround for results?