Ibm ipato - technical fault?



I want your views on this…

I recently did the IBM IPATO test, received an email a few days later saying I had passed the test, and then 2 days later I get an email saying, the email claiming to pass the test was due to a technical fault.

I am obviously quite disappointed. I want to know if this has been the case with anyone else?

And regards to the technical fault, something doesn’t seem right; maybe I’m looking into it too much.


I did the IBM IPATO test over a month ago and received an email today saying I passed, as I recall however, I felt the test went pretty bad (and I am optimist). As a result, I was surprised to receive an email this morning saying I passed and so I presume I am to a victim of this technical fault!


I took the test in late December and got a “passed” email in early January. Although I haven’t heard anything regarding an invite to the First Round Selection Day.

Hope I get an invite! Didn’t do ‘that’ badly on the IPATO.


Hi to all,

Thank u for sharing your views.

Wish everyone the best of luck in passing through and getting the placement.


It would suck if that were to happen, because such a company specialising in Technology making a mistake like that is not right.

I hope it’s not the case with you and good luck !


does anyone know whether they’re having more selection days? im still waiting!


As am I too ‘sometimes_snoopy’

I emailed them regarding this and was assured that I will get an invite soon. Delays were caused by deadlines of their other schemes falling around this time. (allegedly)


when did u email them?


3rd March.


I hope this waiting pays off in the end. its now a long time since the ipato test.


I just took my test this morning and I think I sort of got a technical error. Everywhere I look people said they had three sections: matrix manipulation, number series, and numerical reasoning. After I finished the third section, I was taken to another instruction page for number series again. I thought it was probably a mistake and when I clicked next, I was forced to take the number series section again with different problems. Not sure why that happened or how they’re gonna grade that. I was just wondering if anyone else had that same problem