hii i cant open ur link pls mail me


Hi Khloe I have my IPAT Test for tomorrow if you would send over some revision material or screenshots it would be much appreciated.


Hi, I have my ipat test tomorrow. Can you please help me by suggesting what do they mainly ask.


Hi Khloe, can you kindly help please… I have my test this week. Thanks for your help… Kindly email :… Thanks


Hi khloe12, I have to sit the test this week. Would you be so kind as to send me any tips/resources to prepare for the test? Thank you so much!


Hey, I have the IPAT test due in the next two days. Kindly help


Hey guys, Kindly help me with materials, links and prep documents for the IPAT Test sent to


Please do not believe the david chisti emails! He is a fraud he takes money first and then fails! if he was real he would pay money after test is done or you pay half first and half after!


Hey Khloe, I have my IPAT scheduled in two days. Please help me out.
Please send me links or material at


how was the ipat test ! can you suggest me some good materials


Can anyone help IPAT test soon. Need a tutor or anyone that can guide me.


Hey is it a video recorded exam or normal online assessment



Hope you are good.
Just saw your comment on the IBM IPAT tests thread. Was wondering if you can please help me with the tests. Do you have screenshots of them?



Hi all, I hope that you are well. I have just been accpeted to take an NPAT Test for the Strategic Analytics Consultant Grad Scheme. I am assuming this is similar (if not the same) as the IPAT test refered to in the thread and would greatly apprecaite any examples anyone has to offer. My email is Thanks


Hi Josh… I will present that test as well (maybe tomorrow), so any help will be much appreciated. this is my email…


Can you please give me the details for the IBM Pat exam?


Hello Josh,
I am planning to give to give the exam tomorrow evening your help will be appreciated…
this is my Email Id


Hi Amber,
Could you please send me the details to where you got these packs from ? Also, I want to know the pattern of the exam (including time, no of question). I would be taking my exam in a day or two. It would be great if you can help me with this. My email id is


I have to sit for the exam by tomorrow.I want to know the pattern of the exam (including time, no of question). Also if there is any guide or website or you have any package that had similar questions. I would be really grateful if you can help me out. My email id is


Hello Wang Fang
I have my test due in a few days. Could you please help me with what to expect and where to find those packs ? Cheersss !