I have got selected for a IBM IPAT test recently. I searched the web for the pattern and didnt find anything useful.
Can anyone please tell me the pattern of the IPAT test like how many sections are there? and which parts do I need to prepare (like numericals,number series,logical reasoning,verbal reasoning) and if there is any site with IPAT sample test or any book for practising aptitude test??
Any help is much appreciated.



I recently sat the online IBM test. I have sat many online tests before so I am quite experienced with them however this one was one of the hardest I have done.

The first test was a numerical series reasoning. So a bit like a diagrammatic reasoning where you have patterns with pictures and shapes, but replace the pictures with actual numbers. I found this very difficult since the numbers were completely wild and it included fractions and decimals.

The second part is a numerical test. So you need to be able to use basic algebra, there are no questions in diagram or table form. There are some difficult questions in this section too.

Beware - there is a 2minute 15 second time limit on each question and they come thick and fast.


Hi Jeeves,
Thank you for your time and reply.
I am scared to death,everyone is telling the same thing,its the hardest numerical test.
so,there is nothing like data interpretation? nd can you please give few examples of questions?
Thanks Very much.


The most important advice I can give is do not make wild guesses… This will reduce your overall mark and isn’t worth trying.

There are no data interpretation questions.

If you Google ‘numerical series reasoning’ and you will definitely find some examples of the first test.

Some examples of the second test, the numerical test, consist of finding the total costs of items, converting one measurement into different measurements and then finding totals. Alot of basic algebra is require so setting up equations and then finding the value of x.

Hope this makes sense.



thanks a lot…


I did the IPAT test just now. OMG so freaking hard!! I had the numerical test and the series test. I had been looking for some samples to practice but couldn’t find anything so I went to do the test ‘blindly’ and hoped for the best. Usually number series are my favorite because I’m fairly good at it. However, I ended up guessing most of the results here. Numerical test was better, there were fractions EVERYWHERE so make sure you are comfortable working with those. I took some screenprints if you want let me know. It only occurred to me half way down the test so i only have a few, but nevertheless it should give you an idea of what you should be looking for.

Tbh I’m just waiting for a rejection email now because I know I did quite badly. Nevertheless I’m quite glad I did it because it made me realize where the gaps are in my maths knowledge - something I thought was pretty decent. I’ll brush up my maths skills in those areas and hopefully will do better for other companies :slight_smile:


hey i have just got my test. any chance you can send me your screen shots?


Hi all, good luck with the test.
I received my invitation and was wondering, do all kinds of applicants take the same test? does it differentiate e.g. between programmer positions & marketing positions?


Hey will you be willing to send me those screen shots i have my test tomorrow thanks


hey where can i access the screen shots? … i have my test to complete tomorrow :frowning: I need help!


I would really appreciate some screenshots as well, have the test tomorrow as well.
Thanks in advance.


Screenshots would be great… Could you please send me? Thanks alot :slight_smile:


Hey guys, here’s the link the questions i had in my test. The password is “ibmnumerical”.

Can I ask you to make screen capture of the questions when you do your tests too? So that we can create a collection and practice and help others too? Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

www (dot) ulozto (dot) net/xhEKgATk/ibm-numerical-examples-zip

Regarding the number series test…there are usually 2-3 patterns that you have to find. Usually like…5, 0, 3, 4, 1, 3, 2, 3… (first number decreases by 1; second number increases by 1; third number stays…) or like 0, 4, 4, 0, 3, 3, 0,… But these are amongst the EASIEST one that you can get. However, most times there were huge numbers like 360 or 4500 etc etc. I usually found the formula for 2 out of 3 patterns… or nothing at all and depending on your luck the number u’re looking for would belong to the pattern you know or not.

BTW., the numericals often required a more complex calculation with many steps. The correct results for the numerical screenshot should be as follow:
B) 2 2/5 liters
E) 12 meters
A) 11:29 AM
— one missing because I cannot for the love of god work out the solution. Either all results are wrong or the question is incorrectly worded. If anyone manages to solve that one please advise???


message to hani!

Please can you explain what you mean for the second part of your answer. I tried the link with screenshots and it didn’t work.
My test is tomorrow so I hope you see this today!:frowning:


Hi Geekiwish - i just tried the link now it works fine. WikiJob doesn’t allow link so I had to write it like that you’ll have to make do. Try again. Good luck :slight_smile:


How did you arrive to 12 meter answer? Could you break it down? Thanks alot :slight_smile:


I believe answer for shop selling question is 303/504


Oh sorry it should be 16m. Just checked my notes :slight_smile: Hope you got the same?
Original rectangle: width = x; height = 2x; volume = y
Hypothetical rectangle: width = x-5; height = 2x-5m; volume = y-95
Final equasion: (x-5) x (2x-5) = y-95; ==> (x-5) x (2x-5) = 2x squared - 95 ==> x = 8 (this is the width); so height must be 16m

How did you arrive at the fraction for the A B C products?


Note: Sorry the second should be 16m not 12 :slight_smile:


Hey ive just finished the IPAT
IT WAS ROCK SOLID… don’t feel confident tbh
anyway… did you lot get 3 sections or just two cos I only had numerical sequences and numerical reasoning no diagrammatical one?! anyone the same
let me know, thanks x