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Hi I have a Ipat test in few days. Can anyone tell if the numerical section contains data interpretation?
Please help. I am already in pressure after seeing this comments about how tough IPAT is, So please help.


hi. i wrote IPAT on 18 july. Did not hear anything after test. does they inform you if you are not clear?


hey do you get your result?


I did it the other day and felt sick the whole way through it, it’s ridiculously hard!!! :frowning:


Hi everyone,
I’ve noticed that IBM require you to take two of the three section. Does this mean that you have a choice of whether to take two out of the three available: numerical, verbal, logical reasoning?
Also for the numerical test - are the questions more similar to the GMAT-style (pure maths problems, without graphical/data interpretation)? Thanks!


Number sequencing and there are some algebra questions at the end. very hard lol my brain is hurting lol some where easy though so I would just go for it.


Yeah I sat it yesterday, and I passed! There were a number of sequencing questions that I really didn’t have a scooby, and a few numerical questions I didn’t even have time to answer, so all is not lost for those others out there that are daunted by the test. It is difficult, yes, but it mustn’t require a scarily high mark to pass it


did you take the test?


logical reasoning


I recently cleared my IPAT. The IPAT, based on the new format, contains two sections - Numeric Series and Numeric Reasoning. Numeric Series questions are quite tough and you should spend some time familiarizing yourself with different patterns. I would recommend this site to get your practice before the test. It has a good classification of the type of questions to expect. As for the Numeric Reasoning questions, they are just word problems. The questions tested would fall in one of these categories -
1)Ratio and Proportion
4)Time and Work

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Can you send me the IBM IPat material if you already have it. It would be very helpful.


Hi Can u mail me IBM IPAT Material on Thank you.


I took it too, it was hard but the time was a fact that makes it hard.



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Can you please share me the required resources you used to clear the test.
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Hey can you please share the IBM IPAT test preparation material on my id


Hi, I would really appreciate if you could share with me the resources you used to pass the test. My email is

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Hi, Thank you for posting this useful information.Could u share me the resources? my id is Appreciate!


Hi, Hey can you please share the test preparation material on my email


Hey all, can someone please be kind enough to share the IBM IPAT test material with me? I would highly appreciate it, as I am struggling to find resources online. Thank you in advance.

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