IBM Graduate Strategic Analytics Consultant


Hi there! I’ve been invited to IBM’s AS (IBM Business Dynamics selection day) for this role and have no clue of what it’s gonna be like. From the confirmation email I understand there will be at least:

  • Group exercises
  • IPAT (same as the online version)
  • Another test: verbal and reasoning (lots of math skills required)
  • 1:1 interviews (if successful)

The whole process should be slightly different from the other consultancy roles (as it should be strongly math-focused).

Anyone who can help me out? Thank you in advance.


Hey ooSeven,

I’m in exactly the same boat. I have my First Round on 21 June. What about yourself?
Do you know much about the verbal and numerical reasoning tests? I have a pretty bad history with these tests. I was wondering if you knew whether they might be similar to SHL. Literally, anything that you know about them would be useful.




My round is on May 24th… anyways they should be very similar to SHL tests (at least I hope so), but no other info.


Hey guys!

When did you get the dates for the First Round? I got an email on Friday that a suitable date shall be given to me… 21 June is soo late!
Do you think the first round is similar to all the posts related to their centres, 2x group exercise, Confirmatory IPATO, then numerical and verbal and some more exercises like written and presentation?


Thanks for the input. Yeah I’m hoping they’re similar to SHL. But it is IBM at the end of the day. So there is a good chance that they could be IBM’s own style.

I got my date, 3 days after I completed the IPAT test, so it was around a week and a half ago. IBM originally offered me a Selection Day on the 17 May but I turned it down since I have exams all the way up to mid-June.
In the confirmatory email that they sent me they said 1/2 group exercises, confirmatory IPAT and verbal and numerical. Then if I pass these (fingers crossed!) an interview.
I didn’t hear anything about written exercise or pres. I think those are likely to be in the AC.


Thanks for the info CurryMuncha! Best of luck for your exams! Yeh I think they are just going through a lot of applications now, I was told I will be contacted with a suitable date. Hope I am offered the 17th of May because all I have left is a final year project so don’t want it to the Selection day to be close to my deadline for that.

About the actual day I think you are right, it is probably in the AC.


Thanks a lot txj. It’s a pain trying to revise for exams and prepare for the Selection Day. Hopefully it will all be worth it :). Best of luck with the project.