IBM Graduate Scheme 2016



The day consisted of one problem solving activity, a discussion from current IBM staff about working for IBM and a pitch of a product. With all of tasks it’s really about how you interact within the group. If you pass the morning, you have a 1-1 meeting with one of the managers. This was really nice and just a chat really about why you want to work for IBM.


My application took approx. 7 months in total. I applied for a Technology Consultant role however but I presume all waiting times are similar. I passed the AC in December and received the job offer very recently. Obviously an anxiety-ridden time… but worth the wait. I think it’s almost definitely a face-to-face interview after the AC, as opposed to a telephone interview. You may have more than one interview also, depending on how many hiring managers are interested in your CV/ AC notes. Good luck!



Congrats on getting the job! Do you know if it’s worth waiting around after receiving the email about the job freeze? Currently in the 6 month of waiting now.



Hey and thank you! I think that all depends on your situation. The company entered the hiring freeze whilst I was waiting to hear back from my interviews, and so I conducted some research into this. Turns out that hiring freezes are really common amongst big organisations. I know that IBM are releasing some anticipated first quarter results tomorrow, and so this may have an impact on the hiring process. My suggested strategy would be to possibly apply for other opportunities in the meantime, just to ease the anxiety a little?


Yeah I think I’ll apply for some others but just pray IBM come calling. Thanks for the advice mate, appreciate it.


Has anyone completed the video interview for Business Consulting? If so, can you provide any helpful tips please? I can help with other applications if you inbox message me Thanks


How did it go?

What questions were asked??