IBM Graduate Scheme 2016



This forum thread is for people applying for graduate roles at IBM (any country), to ask questions about the company, job applications and the interview and assessment process. Your contributions are much appreciated!


has anyone been to an assessment centre for business consultant GBS? i would like to know any information please to help with my application with regarding assessment day and intervie questions?


I applied for the role of ‘Business Specialist’ and passed the IBM Assessment Centre on 17th Dec 2014. Its now 11th April 2015 and still haven’t heard anything back apart from generic e-mails to say they have not forgot about my application and are working on matching me to a role. 4 months seems a bit long though!! anyone else in the same boat?


Hi Guys, i got selected for assessment day in Portsmouth North Harbour (IBM UK HQ),I applied for IBM Graduate software development role (start date:late 2014 through 2015)
Does anyone know about the format? The tests, group activity, anything about the interview? what kind of questions are there and anything in particular i should practice?
Thanks for any help.


is yours on 13th of May by any chance? I have one too and I have to prepare a presentation about what IT means to me, and why I am a good candidate. Have you got to do that too?


Hi Joel i haven’t got my date yet and they didn’t ask me for any presentation yet hopefully they would ask when they confirm the assessment date later. Best of luck for yours. Please update how did it go.


Will do, This is my first every interview so I am kind of bricking it a little, The presentation has to be emailed to them 2 days before. Its quite hard because you have to talk about yourself and why you like IT, Ill let you know on thursday how it went


Ok thanks for sharing this, well all the best for 13th.


Hi Joel, Could you please share your experience about today assessment day.


Hi Joel, Could you please share your experience about today assessment day.



Is anybody going to their AC on the 28/08 in Hursley? For the Software Development graduate program?



I passed an Assessment Centre late March for 2015 entry and I have just been informed that there are no vacancies for this year and that my application will be considered for 2016… I’m just curious as I’ve seen some AC’s are late on in the year and some have stated they’ve applied for 2015 entry? Is anyone else in the same position as me?



Hi all, I’m considering applying for the Strategic Analysis scheme but they have a requirement of an A in A-Level maths. Unfortunately I got a B, 4 marks off the A, but it was enough to send me university where I got a 2:1 Master’s in Physics. I would have thought that this would prove my mathematical ability but consiidering they give you a form to fill in, I’m worried that they’ll automatically screen my application out because of the B. Does anyone know of any examples of people being successful with just a B or is this a hard requirement?



I had an IBM assessment centre for a Business Specialist graduate position on 10/12/15. I was told I had passed this the following day but have since not heard back regarding the next stage (i.e. direct offer/final interview). I was wondering if anyone has heard back for the 2016 intake or if anyone is in the same position as me? Also, does anyone from previous years have information on how long we may have to wait?



Hi JP12321,

I’ve got my IBM Assessment Centre coming up soon for the Business Specialist role. Would you mind telling me how your day went and what to expect? :slight_smile:



Hi, I had my assessment centre a month before you in November for the same role and also passed. I have not heard anything since, have you? I have been told (by them) that they are on a hiring freeze until April, so I’m not holding my breath about this job.


Did you ever end up hearing anything from them?


Hi, My IPAT was rescheduled twice and I took it just 2 days back. Now the vacancy I had applied for shows ‘The Application has been closed’. My IBM account also does not show. Can anyone tell me if I will be considered for the opportunity. Does IBM consider applications if they were applied before deadline and test taken later?


I applied for the Sales role in November. I attended and completed an A/C, which was really good and I enjoyed the day. I heard back the next day that I had been successful but haven’t heard anything since. Has anyone heard anything? Or do they know when starting dates could be? More than happy to answer any questions people have regarding the A/C. Thanks


so what did you do on the day?