IBM Graduate Recruitment



Hi all,

I passed an IBM AC (mid Nov) and currently waiting for a final interview date. Is anyone in the same boat and since been in contact with them/know what the likely wait time is?


Hi b2016,

I passed my AC in October, the 15th I think. In the email I received it said they’d be in touch to keep me posted, but I didn’t hear anything. I did chase them once in December but was just told they’re still doing role-matching and would be in touch if/when they’d found something.

I did get an email from them saying they needed me to complete my application form again and resubmit it because they’d changed their recruitment system and I needed to apply again on their new recruitment page. That was also after the AC.

I’ve had another offer since then, which I’ve accepted. It’s a real shame, I enjoyed visiting IBM and the whole vibe was great, and I’m sure the job would have been fantastic. However, I’m not turning down a solid offer for a job given that there’s a possibility IBM might come back to me and tell me they don’t have a role after all.

I hope you hear something back from them soon!



It’s a bit of a wait… was 7 months in total for me. From passing the AC to business matching interviews to job offer= 4 months. Good luck- it’s definitely worth the patience and the wait!