IBM First Round Selection Rejection


Hello, I had my first round selection day at IBM a few days ago, and they rejected me shortly afterwards. Apparently I did not meet all of the “requirements” they were looking for in the group exercises. I haven’t found anything on their website regarding the group exercise “requirements”. I am a little surprised. I personally have no idea what I could have possibly done wrong, as I thought I had performed sufficiently. And regardless, I heard that the selection day is not competitive at all, so that it’s not necessary to be the best performer in the group to pass. Does anyone here who participated at an IBM first round selection day know what they might be talking about? Thanks.


I passed the IPATO tests and have a centre this thursday for the HR grad program - anybody know what I should expect?




or event task:
organise event for client
pls. contribute
use calculator to calculate expenses/cost
you must be under budget
think about theme of the event
concentrate upon number of ppl going to attennd

following questions to ask the client
partners allowed or not?
why celebration?
what kind of food they prefer buffet/sitting?
age group of the attendee?
travel expenses to consider?
wat kind of entertainment they prefer?
introduce before you ask questions to client and when you end the exerciser you should exchange pleasantries with the clients
remember role play!!
think like an IBMer and you shd be alright :slight_smile:

for recruitment task:
remember you have few number of candidates to select from
you will be given cue cards explaining characteristics/factors based upon which you should eliminate candidates as per requirements
you should end up with one candidate before specified time
dont volunteer to assist on writing on board 'coz you gonna loss logical reasoning process carried out by your group members


no calculators so b prepare to do basic maths
tricky questions with same time limit
breadth well and you should be alrit if you have done test by yourself at the first place!

Best wishes


i also had problem facing IBM Interview for first round. Please help.


I also got rejected in the first round, (with no feedback) which I found somewhat strange since I was actually on their Extreme Blue programme a few years ago and clearly had the capacity to pass it.

I put it down to the unpredictability of the group exercises - I kind of dislike that kind of assessment procedure because it seems so artificial: stick a bunch of strangers in a room, each of whom is bigging themselves up and competing for attention. Measuring the capacity for teamwork by doing 15 minute tasks seems like a rather random snapshot into somebody’s true mentality. I’ve been to a couple other interviews/assessment centres that seem to handle this better.

In any case, whilst I do admire IBM as a company and would have loved the opportunity to work there again, I’m taking this to be their loss. Consultancy interviews in general tend to be pretty random, and I know that I’m definitely qualified for the job :stuck_out_tongue: