IBM-First Round Selection Day


Hello Everyone,

I got an email from IBM confirming my First Round Selection Day on 31 Jan… Is there anybody else who got selected for the same assessment day?

I have seen lots of threads here talking about the group activity task… but no one has specifically mentioned what this task is??

If anybody knows what these tasks are please reply…



or event task:
organise event for client
pls. contribute
use calculator to calculate expenses/cost
you must be under budget
think about theme of the event
concentrate upon number of ppl going to attennd

following questions to ask the client
partners allowed or not?
why celebration?
what kind of food they prefer buffet/sitting?
age group of the attendee?
travel expenses to consider?
wat kind of entertainment they prefer?
introduce before you ask questions to client and when you end the exerciser you should exchange pleasantries with the clients
remember role play!!
think like an IBMer and you shd be alright :slight_smile:

for recruitment task:
remember you have few number of candidates to select from
you will be given cue cards explaining characteristics/factors based upon which you should eliminate candidates as per requirements
you should end up with one candidate before specified time
dont volunteer to assist on writing on board 'coz you gonna loss logical reasoning process carried out by your group members


no calculators so b prepare to do basic maths
tricky questions with same time limit
breadth well and you should be alrit if you have done test by yourself at the first place!

Best wishes


Thanks a lot for the info morley… Really appreciate that…

But how can we pass the confirmatory test without calculator?? thats bad… :frowning:

Are you sure that calculators are not allowed? because they tell us to use calculator for online test…


Hi Govind,

Really hope you don’t mind me asking, but when did you do your online tests and how long did they take to get back to you?

Many thanks,



Hi James,

Its ok. I gave the test on 22nd Dec and IBM people replied to me within 4-5 days. I got the mail regarding First Round Selection Day on around 31 Dec.
Hope this helps.



Hi Govind,

Many thanks for such a quick reply… Got a response from them saying I had made it through to the next stage but that all of their assessment centres were booked up until March which is most annoying!

From past experience people won’t be able to say what group activities are as they are always changing them because they know of websites such as WikiJobs and so on and so make sure they differ every one!

For my EY Assessment Centre, which I am sure will be similar to all ACs (although saying that, the online tests weren’t similar to EYs at all), had the following…

Group Activity:
Based on research topic given before the AC and discussed within a group and then applying the research to a business presentation and during that 45 minute time the presentation was prepared and EY consistently updated the group with new details to see how we reacted to the changes.

Individual Activity:
To read through a business report and then reduce it to a one page document for the new financial director that was taking over.

Individual Activity:
Phonecall to a current intern within the EY business discussing a poor piece of work that they had produced and how to go about correcting this.

Tests similar to the online tests just confirming that you are capable of the scores necessary

Partner Interview:
Which was actually just a conversation and I failed it as I didn’t show I wanted to do the line of work I had applied to enough!

Anyway, I know this was an experience from EY but they are all similar in the fact that they want to see a number of skills that any given person has such as communication skills, problem solving, time management and so on…

Good luck on the 31st!



Dear James,

Thanks a lot…

So as of now you have the confirmation that you cleared the online test… but you dont have the exact date for first round… right?



Hi Govind,

That is exactly where I am at…

From having a look on WikiJobs you may want to have a look at:

This feed has people talking about having a first round selection day on the 10th of Jan and so would probably be able to provide you with some information about what went on!



You may also want to look at this and ask the people from here:



Hey thanks a lot mate…
I saw those thread… It was really helpful…
Let me know if you come to know anything else… :slight_smile:

I hope you get the dates soon… and will let you know what the selection day is like… Cheers!!!


HI Morley

Have you had your second selection day? What did you do during the day?



31st Jan, morning assesment centre in Portsmouth anyone? Staying overnight too, perhaps?


Hi guys, does anyone have a selection day on 30th of January in Greenock?


Hey guys,

in terms of the test in first selection day, is it only on the numerical series or is it the short questions as well?

BTW, is anyone going to Portsmouth, 10th of February?




Hi RafaWM,

I am going on 31st January morning assessment at 8.30 AM.
I am planning to stay overnight.
I think ill start on 30th. I am from leicester.

Where are you from? What post have you applied for?



Hi tercas,

It will be same as IPAT test just a smaller version on that.



I have my selection day on 31st of Jan at Hursley at 8.30.

On arrival at the reception, they have asked me to state that I am there for “Extreme Blue Recruitment Day”. I went through IBM website, Extreme Blue is an interneship program. I have applied for Software Developer Graduate program - Immediate start.

Is it the same program for graduates as well? Also, if selected in all the stages when would we be starting on the role?

Any comments ont this is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!



Even i applied for the same post and I got 31st January as first round selection day…
same as yours… morning 8.30… Hursley…

I am not sure if Extreme blue is meant to be for internship only… but they have asked me to state the same thing…




Thanks for the reply.

Any idea if selected for the graduate program, when would it be starting.


no idea mate… sorry…