IBM First Round interview?


Hi All

I have been invited to my first round interviews with IBM (although not confirmed the exact date yet) and was wondering if anyone has already been through the process and could share the experience?

So far I know that there’s a business interview where they are most likely to ask what you want to do and why as well as a bit about the company and then there’s the personal interview base on the CV. Then there is a group exercise (any ideas what sort of exercise? is it case study based?). There might be a sales activity (trying to sell an eCommerce business from a case study and putting together an email proposal - is it true for interviews within technical roles?). Anything else?

In addition, does anyone know where the IT roles are based? I suspect consultants are in London south bank, what about specialists (NOT software developers as they are down south)?


Hi Zidanee,
I have just gone through the graduate finance scheme at IBM and will be starting in next month or so. I believe that most of the IT roles are in the south bank office but the others are in Portsmouth. Regarding the interview process, it may be slightly different to finance but i believe that it will be as you have said. The group exercise is one of those e tray logic style exercises. For me there was a case study but as you say it may not be needed for IT roles. Is this first assement day as i had two then final interview with senior management before being offered position.



How long was the whole recruitment process? I have applied in September and the last communication from IBM was in December - still waiting for them to confirm the date and time of the first round interviews. I guess they are really busy…


I applied in June, had first assesment centre at the end of july. Second 18th of november due to several delays on their part and then final interview on 12th December. Was offered job on 15th December. Should start 23rd Feb. It does seem to take a long time between assesment centres but as you said they are very busy.


Good to know, thanks!


Hey all, I just got my 1st round interview date, it’s scheduled for the beginning of the January 2010. The problem is I cannot make it on that date unless I rebook my flights back to England (that’s expensive). In the email IBM sent me they say that positions are filled on the 1st-come-1st-served basis, meaning that I can try to reschedule the interview for the latter date, but if there will be no free vacancies then I am out of the recruitment process. I am not sure whether I should risk it and try to reschedule, or should I rebook my flights and pay the extra few hundred £s… Has anyone tried rescheduling the interview? Is it worth to risk it?

Thanks for any advice!


Hi, I am waiting for an interview since last December, so I wouldn’t risk it if I were you… BTW, which position is the interview for?


The interview is supposed to be for the IT Consultant position. I decided not to risk rescheduling it and accepted the date they suggested. Now I am waiting for the confirmation email from IBM - it’s been a few days now and i am getting a bit worried, I need to book my flights, accomodation etc. Has anyone any experience with awaiting the confirmation email for the first round interview? How long can it take ? Also, can IBM cancel my interview once they’ve invited me for it?



Hello PeetyP.

I am applying for an IBM role, for the competency questions no word limit is stated but my reponses don’t fit into the cv template they provided. Does this mean there is no word limit? Should I just send the form in anyway?
Any assistance provided would be extremely helpful.


hi velvetpigeon…

you have to try and fit your words into the space provided, dont go over the word limit.

this information is on the website… check it out.


anyone applied for ibm business specialist (graduate role)


I’ve got my Assessment Centre day next Tuesday (12th January) for IT consultancy. Can anyone give me a break down of exactly what to expect? The email and info from IBM is a bit vague (deliberately I am sure). Will I have a one-on-one interview on that day for IT consultancy? What will the group work entail? A quick example would be great. Any help is appreciated.

Thank you!


did u do some online tests. hw were they



Was yours Assesment Center for 12 January rescheduled and relocated to 26th of January, London Southbank? What to expect: as far as I know there will be two group exercises and a shorter version of the IPATO test. Not neccessarily any one-to-one interview since you will have two 1-1 interviews on the second round selection day.

The only online test I did wa IPATO, it was alright - there’a a lot of information about it on the web.



@PeetyP - yes mine was postponed till then, will you be on that? Is your opinion purely based on the standard emails they send out?

@fradoo - yes there’s enough info out there. For the each section there are practice pages first on which you can spend as much time as you like.


I just got rejected due to not being eligible to work in the UK. Even though I was born in Manchester have never lived in any other country and both my parents are British Citizens…oh and Im British aswell! lol

Its like they looked at my name (which is of asian origin) and decided I was a foreigner! how rediculous!


@nevynev: If nothing unexpected happens I will be on it as well. My opinion is based on what I found on the internet - the e-mails they send are to vague to guess what can we expect.


I’m still waiting for an email inviting me to attend the First Round interview.
Was given the “you have passed the IPATO test” email at the end of December and been waiting ever since. I applied to Finance btw.


just for the email from IBM today confirmin the day of the 1st selection day (finance) based in Pompy… (missions, i thought it would be in london given thats where your most likely to be working and thats where I live) annoying but first com first serve basis so thought i would go for it!

Any one have any specific information for the Finance selection day?

Thanks in Advance!!


1st Round selection day is nothing too difficult. The 2 group exercises are simply to see how well you work in groups. When I went for mine, we were split into 2 groups. My group simply went and tackle the tasks whilst I heard the other group had a lot of disagreement. Try to go along with what other group members suggests unless their suggestion is obviously wrong. Otherwise you won’t have enough time to reach an answer in the time given. As for the IPATO tests, it is a short one, but it seemed like they have picked harder questions. Don’t really need to worry about the score, they are only trying to compare the 2 IPATO test results to ensure that you did the tests yourself.

Good luck everyone who is attending the 1st round selection day