IBM Consulting Selection Day


I’ve got a selection day for IBM’s Grad Business & Tech Consultant role coming up, anyone have any advice on what to expect?

I know there’ll be group exercises and confirmatory aptitude tests. If anyone can shed any light o the nature fo the group exercises I’d be very grateful!



Hey- I also have a selection day for this stream.
Do you have a date or have they just told you you will be going to selection day?
I don’t have a date yet and its been a couple of weeks, just wondered if this was likely to be soon or if we were all just told we were through but nothing else as of yet.
I’d also love so advice- theres a few other forums on here about it but they aren’t that recent so I don’t know if they will have changed them



I too have received a confirmation that I passed the IPAT test and made it through to the next round for Business & Technology Consulting but I have not been given a date for the first stage selection process yet! Be patient lads, its a virtue! :slight_smile:
If you do get a date, post it here though!


Hi Guys,

Do you have your dates now?
I received an e-mail today as well saying that I’ve passed the IPAT test and that they’re going to contact me shortly with more details about the next stage. I have applied for Business and Technology Consulting as well and was hoping to find someone who has already been to it and can help with some hints.

Any advice and information from ‘the kitchen’ would be very much appreciated.

Cheers x


Hey guys, I got my dates today: 10th Jan @ 9am in Portsmouth. Anyone else gonna be there?


Hey I got that date too, however I had to decline it and get a later one as that’s my exam week and knowing my luck I’ll get an exam on that day. Sucks because now mines even later on the 31st jan- but I’m not risking my degree for an assessment centre. You guys had any luck else where or are you just applying IBM?


Hi Leechlr,

I got the First day selection as well on 31st Jan.
Which post have you applied for? I have applied for Graduate Software engineer position.
I am from leicester and Hursley is too far for me. Where are you from?
Please reply.



10th Jan @ 9am in Portsmouth +1


Hi guys,

I have my 1st AC on 16th Feb for Business and Tech consultant. Can you shed some light on what to expect?
Will there be any interviews on the 1st AC?

Many thanks.



I had my AC for this role, I have attended several AC to date and I personally believed that this one went the best out of all of them. When I arrived there there was about 20-25 people in waiting for the AC.

There were 4 activities throughout the day:

1 Group Logic task - 40min, there are 6 people in the group (we stayed in the same small group throughout the day), the objective is to work together as each of you has slightly different information on their task sheets in order to solve a puzzle.

2 Group problem solving task - you have around 30 minutes, and you as a group have to organise an event for your manager. The manager steps in half way through, and firstly tells you that you first choose option is not available anymore, but then gives you the opportunity to speak to him and clarify any of the possible options.

3 Presentation about IBM - 30 minuets, standard thing, what is IBM etc… I found is lightly boring as I did my research about IBM before for hand.

4 IPAT tests 10 questions in 22 minutes, no calculator allowed. - I found them ok, but I had to guess two as couldn’t work them out.

On completion we left the place, and by the time I got back home I had a email in my Inbox saying that I got rejected.

It was a bizzar experience for me, as we believed, as a team that it went really well, we got a long well, finish all tasks with time to spare which gave us time to reflected on our performance or verified our results in case of the logic task to make sure that we did them correctly…

That’s my experience


same experince i had …till nw i dont know wht went wrong and on wht basis they rejected …


same experince i had …till nw i dont know wht went wrong and on wht basis they rejected …


I just took the IPAT test. The number series are either in very large numbers or fraction numbers. Never saw things like that. I am not sure if it is the new version of IPAT or it is traditionally like that.


Hi All,

I have an AC on 17th April 2012 at 8:45 am for Business Consultant role in this graduate scheme. Is there anyone else with the same date and role? Thanks ems23 for giving us a brief idea about what exactly happens at AC of IBM. I’ll keep these tasks in mind before hand and will also practice some tasks if possible. I just wanted to know what all has to prepare for the 30 minutes presentation about IBM? Could you please give me a brief idea about what all needs to be included in the presentation then that will be a great help.



hey scoutch007,

how did the AC go? Did it go the exact same way as ems23 said it would? I applied for the Strategic Analytics Consultant position but I’m just assuming the business consultant AC is the same. Do you remember anything about the IPAT test or any of the group exercises? Any information would be great and hope you did well in the AC.

Best of luck!



I have a first day selection for the business consultant program coming up on the 25th of May and I was wondering if there is any specific preparation needed.
I will be researching more on IBM and my chosen field.
Any information any of you can provide from the feedbacks (which i presume) you got is appreciated.
I just want to be more clear about what they are really looking for.



Unfortunately they don’t give you any feedback after the event; just whether you made it to the next stage or not. And you don’t really need to do that sort of research. Just brush up on your logical skills to solve the series in the IPAT confirmatory test at most. Good luck!


thank you


Hello, I’ve got a selection day for IBM’s Grad Business Consultant role coming up on 13th June 2012 @1.15, anyone have any advice on what to expect?

Anyone else gonna be there?

Cheers Ram


Hi Ram, I have my selection day coming up on the 25th of June for the Business Consultant Role. Could you tell me how yours went on the 13th and what were the group tasks and interviews like? Thanks