IBM Consulting 2016 - My Journey from Application to Offer



Hi Arron,

Have you received an email about what the day consists of?


Hi Zhang,
How long is the process from start to finish. I am still waiting for a reply from them to accept my application hopefully but this would help me to plan it going forawrd. Thanks !


Hi Wang,
I was wondering how long it took for IBM to contact you after the phone screening, and what the process was after that. I just recently had my phone interview, and I’ll be going to Japan next week (Planned 6 months ago) so I’m hoping that there’s nothing that can throw me off.



is anyone applying for the 2018 technology consulting grad scheme? have you gotten an offer yet?


hello, what is the final interview like? what type of questions? im going for the apprentice information tech role



I just had an email that I will be having a pre recorded interview but no follow up email regarding a link…shall I wait or email them?

Also does anyone have any tips and advice on what type of questions they will ask me as I would like to be very prepared for my interview


Hi, have you completed the video interview now?