IBM Consulting 2016 - My Journey from Application to Offer



Hi, did you do IPAT or any written test at your assessment centre?


Is anyone attending the Assessment Centre on the 21st of March?


Did you not have interviews at your assessment day? I was told the second half of the AC is for two rounds of interviews


We didn’t have to do the IPAT test at the assessment centre I went to.

We were interviewed once in the afternoon by a CbD Graduate Manager. They look after a batch of graduates and help with career progression rather than actually being your line manager. Having passed that stage, I was then interviewed by a hiring manager two weeks later. During that interview I expressed an interest in a service line different to the one I had been originally matched to. Another interview was then arranged a month after that with the service I had chosen, which happened to be this morning. This interview was with a Partner and was intense, considerably more challenging than the previous two.


Hi Alias56328 I hope that your interview went well today and I have appreciated your input on this forum. I also have another interview after having my previous ‘final interview’. How was the interview today more challenging if you don’t mind me asking and what was the service line?


I had one interview at the assessment day with a Recruitment Manager then I had a telephone interview with another manager. He told me that this was the last stage however as others have pointed out there might be an additional “final” interview…


Hi App,

Thank you.

The interviewer challenged me on almost all of my answers, there were only one or two answers I gave him that he didn’t scrutinise. For example, he asked why IBM but after I answered he questioned my motivations to join based on my background.

He also asked more hypothetical questions - Imagine it’s your first day in the job, you’re being interviewed by a client before you can work on their project, how would you prepare and what would worry you?

The service line was the Financial Service component of Application Innovation Consulting.


Hi, I have my final service line interview soon. Do they question you on many technical aspects of the role, or is it more of a competency fit?


In my first final interview I was asked competency questions and then we spoke the most about how I would fit into different service lines. I guess it’s different depending on the role you have applied for.


Hi Alia, could I possibly asked what you spoke about during your last interview, the one you said was considerably more challenging than the previous two. What made it more challenging? How would you say is the best way to prepare?


Any one applied for graduate Data analytics program posted in Feb ??Heard anything back?


Hi b12 how was your service line interview? Any chance you could share your experiences of the interview? would be massively appreciated!


Hi all, I’ve recently completed my service line interview and was amazed at just how relaxed and almost informal it was, so don’t get yourself worked up! My interviewer made it clear that as far as he was concerned, candidates at this stage have completed all the hard work and this was mainly seeing if you would fit into the job role and what you understood about the practice. In my experience they reacted well to honesty, if you don’t understand a phrase or question just let them know before attempting to talk your way out of it. Nothing to catch you out, however the majority of questions aren’t scripted to I guess it will vary service line to service line.

I would appreciate it if anyone who has completed their service line interview could let me know how long until they heard anything back?

Thanks a lot guys and good luck.


Did you hear anything back?


How long did it take for your offer to be confirmed after your service line interview?


It took me exactly a week to hear back following my service line interview and luckily I received an offer.
Firstly I got a call saying they received positive feedback, then an email saying the same thing around 4 days post interview.
Good luck!


Hi All,
I have given interview with IBM for developer position after technical interview they have conducted a managerial round. Does it mean my technical is clear?


abhi i know this is not related to your question but do you have any material i can use for my ipat test if you do please forward it to thank in advance


Hi did u get the offer ??

Recently i have completed all rounds of discussion with IBM and they have taken the biometric and told me to check the offer status in the portal.
Two days post my interview i got mail to initate my BGC but i see my application status got changed from received to not under consideration…Does it mean my offer is rejected?


Hi, I’m in the same situation currently - waiting for my IPAT results. How long did it take you to finally get yours?