IBM Consulting 2016 - My Journey from Application to Offer



If you are sent home at lunchtime does that mean you don’t present your preprepared presentation?

Because that would be absolutely gutting if so!


Also, do you have to do a confirmatory IPAT test?




Hi Lily,

It’s a lot more relaxed than the interview you had at the assessment centre. There were only a handful of actual questions; why IBM? Where do you see yourself in the future? Etc. The rest is about how you would fit in to the service line.

Good luck!


Thanks for getting back to me- oh phew that doesn’t sound too bad! Have IBM got back to you yet about your final ‘review’?


Not yet but judging by what other people have said I’m not expecting to hear back until next week at the earliest!


Hi there, has anyone recently had their final interview within the last few weeks? If so how long did it take to hear back from ibm?


I had my final interview on 15th February. I was told the next day that I had been matched to a service line and there was going to be a final review. I haven’t heard anything since.


I had my final interview a couple of weeks ago. Since then I have been emailed saying they received positive feedback and that I was now in the review and approval stage but that this may take a number of weeks. From what I’ve heard it can be quite a lengthy wait


How long did it take ibm to respond you to about your outcome of your interview/ get in contact to say you have been given positive feedback?


So a week later I sent them an email and they replied the next day. I think it depends on the service line. In the HireVue interview my interviewer actually recommended ‘off the record’ that I go on holiday. I think we’re probably in a similar boat and I think if you haven’t received a rejection email then that can only be a good thing


Hi guys, has anybody here applied for the software developer graduate position? I had passed the assessment centre a month ago, but haven’t heard anything since. How long did it take from passing your assessment centre to hearing back?


I just had my first phone interview today and got the email to complete IBM’s NPAT test. WHat is the difference between IPAT and NPAT. I googled NPAT but got results only for IPAT. Does anyone know?


also anyone applied for software consultant and heard back ?


Had an assessment day, was told I passed but still waiting to hear back…been almost 1 month now, I phoned them and they said they’ll be in contact soon. Is it possible that all positions will fill up before I have a chance for my final interview?


What position was this for? I have heard if you pass the assessment centre there is a very good chance of getting the job, but it does sound like it can take quite a while…


This was for technology consulting…The waiting is killing me lol


hey, I got the same email as you did on friday about getting ‘positive feedback’ and now going through final review with stakeholders. Let me know if you hear anything and good luck!


Hi, I still haven’t heard anything after getting that email. I’ll let you know when I do. It wouldn’t surprise me if we have to wait until the end of the financial year. Good luck to you as well and hopefully we’ll both get offers soon!


After assessment centre I got a call scheduling my final service line interview for Digital Experience…There was no choice into what service line I preferred…Anyone else have this?