IBM Consulting 2016 - My Journey from Application to Offer



I passed the assessment center in December, and received an email in April saying that there’s a hiring freeze at the moment. Is anyone in the same boat?


I applied in Nov 2014, assessment centre was Jan 15, interviewed May 15, offer June 15. Given start date September 15… This process is very lengthy, but job security is good during the grad scheme as they’ve invested so much in hiring you. If you really like IBM, be patient.


Have you tried contacting the number fromthe IBM website?



Is it worth the wait even with the job freeze? Thanks


Hi, same thing happened with me. Missed a call too from IBM, what did you do to get back to them?


Hi have you heard anything back yet?


Anyone out there gone through the assessment centre for IBM in 2016?


hello sir i ave just applied to a job in IBM on 23 june 2016 but still i dint get any interview call.
wen i checked the application Status it was like “Application Received” . So how to know wat s happening?


anyone applied for graduate programme 2017 intake and heard anything back after an assessment centre?


Are you still waiting?! This is a joke lol


yeah still waiting, are you in the matching process ??


hey I just got my assessment center invitation for the 29th of november. Do you remeber what tasks you had for the group exercises? Is it necessary to practise case interviews?


Yeah I’m in the process after passing the assessment centre. Been waiting a yea r now because of the 2016 hiring freeze. Been offered a 2018 job with KPMG though so will almost definitely pick that. Are you in the matching phase?


Please do you know the meaning of “interview completed” in the process. is it a good sign or not


hello, i have given intern assessment 1month ago still it is showing under recruiter review… how much time they take to tell the result? i am in or out?


Hello all,

I hope you are very well. I have found this discussion to be very helpful in my preparation for the IBM application process and am delighted to have been invited to the assessment centre for the 2017 intake of graduate strategic analytics consulting.

Although I have seen some detailed posts in the pass regarding what to expect on the day, I was wondering if anyone would be so kind as to confirm any recent updates they have experienced at the AC?

I really appreciate any feedback!

Best regards,


I recently attended the AC and made it right through to offer. I hope this will be of help to you.
Around about 26 people on the day…
Split into groups of 5-6 people.

  • Groups Exercise 1: Logic - Each mermber of the group was given information on a safe puzzle and we had to try and figure out where information went on a grid.
    Advice: Dont worry about getting it completed, no one did on the day. This is purely to demonstrate your ability to work as a group to solve a difficult problem. Try and be the person that takes the time so you have a leadership role. Also the sheets of information you get about the task may have some different information, try to be the person that recognises that and arranges that information. However do NOT be bossy or pushy.
  • Group Exercise 2: Invent and Present - As a group we had to come up with an idea for an app and present it back to the assesors in a dragon den format.
    Advice: This is really a basic group exercise and is about communicating and collaborating. Again try to be the time keeper. Try and get everyones opinion and incorporate everyone and their input.
  • Sweat time!!! - At this point we were made to wait around an hour in the room with all candidates whilst they determined out fate. Only 4 of us were kept on for the afternoon session and at this point everyone else is sent home.
  • Interview: The interview is rather relaxed. A couple cometency based questions and why you want to work for IBM, what can you bring etc. A discussion about your CV also. The interview was that relaxed that i didnt even relise i was answering the questions on my interviewers sheet half the time.
  • Home bound!
    IBM is the most intense AC i have seen and i have been to a few including EY and Deloitte. My advice is to relax, i know that is cliche, but if you are relax you will think better. Try to be the person that time keeps in Group Exercise as this immediately gives you that Leadership role, but for the love of god dont turn into a bossy overpowering individual. If you see someone not really contributing or is shy, encourage them to speak or share their ideas, that is what good leadership is about.


Recently also passed my AC, how long did it take before they made you an offer? Have been waiting a few weeks now in the “Job Matching Process”


Hi there!

Thanks so much for the quick reply. That is some great info - i have had a few group exercise activities at ACs before and those couldn’t have been more contrasting so I guess it also depends on the type of people there.

Am I also right in thinking that there was a business case and write up, in addition to the repetition of IPAT tests on physical copies?

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How long did it take for you to get your offer after your final interview?

For everyone else, just some information on my own experience with IBM and timescales:

I applied for the CbD program just after Christmas as a Technology Consultant and was invited to do the IPAT test the next day. This was around New Years so I was much too drunk to do it straight away. I did it on the 3rd January and received an email the next morning telling me I’d passed and that they would invite me to the next assessment centre that had availability. On the 10th January I was given the date of the assessment centre I’d be going to (1st Feb).

The assessment centre was pretty much like everyone else describes. Two group activities, one logical safe cracking exercise and another pitching an idea for an app to a panel of investors. My advice for the group exercises would be to speak up, don’t talk over people and try and include everyone in the conversation. Out of the 24 of us at the start of the day, 16 got sent home after lunch and 8 of us got through to the afternoon interview. This was a halfway house between a chat and a proper interview.

The next morning (2nd Feb) I got an email saying that I passed the assessment centre and they were working on finding me a role but that getting to this stage didn’t guarantee they’d proceed with my application (comforting). The next week (8th Feb) I got a phone call from IBM to schedule my final interview over HireVue (basically Skype) for the 15th February. The interview was definitely more of a chat and we spent much longer talking about the service lines in IBM and which ones would interest me the most than we did talking about me. I then got an email the next morning (16th Feb) telling me that I had been successfully matched to a service line and that the business was doing a final review of my application. I’m now waiting on the outcome of this review, which I’m hoping will be an offer!

Hope that some of you find this useful. I have found that the process can be quite slow and not knowing when to expect the next step is the hardest part.