IBM Consulting 2016 - My Journey from Application to Offer



Jesus Christ!! 8 months!!!???


Yup. Pretty Savage!


I passed my AC in February and my matching interview in May. I got an offer 2 weeks ago, 4 months after passing my AC. Some people at the interview passed their AC’s in September (I’ve also heard were successful). It is a very long process, but don’t give up hope if you really want it.


Thanks for letting us know. Its good to hear this as it reinstates faith so we can wait patiently.

Hoping for the best for all of us.


I had my assessmemt centre in Mid-February and I’ve just been given my final interview date next week - don’t lose hope guys


Update: I’ve just been given my final interview date next week - don’t lose hope :slight_smile:


Thanks for letting know…

Good luck and will definitely wait


Right guys, here’s my journey to help you understand IBM’s process a bit more clearly.

I initially applied for Buisness Specialist (late 2015 start) in August 2014, via the long application form.

I was then asked to complete an IPAT test. IBM then reviewed my CV and invited me to an AC on October 29th 2014.

After finding out I was successful in the AC a few days later, I received generic emails every 2 weeks stating that IBM is trying to match me to a role. Around about January 2015, I stopped receiving these emails. I contacted HR and they reassured me I was still in the talent pool, but sometimes the generic emails don’t come through.

I continued to receive generic emails until the start of May 2015, where I found out I was invited for an interview on May 20th. Usually they phone you rather than email you to discuss specifics such as interview invitations.

After the interview, I waited 3 weeks and had a phone call offering me the role. I then received an email with my contract about 9/10 days later.

From application to offer, I waited just over 7 months in total. Like everyone else in a similar position to myself, I would 100% recommend not giving up!

If there’s anything else I can help with, please do reply to this comment and I’ll try my best to answer your questions!


That’s great to hear you were waiting so long too. I’ve applied for business specialist too. Passed the AC In December so been waiting for 6 months now. Do you like the roll you’re in now? And what exactly do you do on a day to day basis? Also… What were your final interview questions like? Thanks for your help :slight_smile:


I start my role in August but haven’t been told what specific role I will doing yet. My final interview questions were very personable and just trying to get to know me as a person rather than technical questions. However, do your research!


Been offered an additional interview for a more technical role in Hursley - they must be really working their way through applications now.


Hi! Ive just been invited for GTS interview in July! I was in the same position…applied for Business Specialist within GBS. How did you all get on? Have you all been given roles now and what kind of questions did they ask you?


Hi there! When you applied for Business Specialist did you apply for GBS or GTS. I originally applied for a role within GBS but have just been offered an interview for a role within GTS. Has this happened to you?



Exactly the same happened to me too!


So you both had business roles within GTS?


Have you had your interview with GTS yet or when have they scheduled you in? Ive been invited to Portsmouth for a GTS interview on 8th July although I originally applied for GBS business specialist.


Manny Maker how did your interview go! Was it for GTS or GBS and what kind of questions did they ask you?


Hi there,

My interview was for a Technical Pre-Sales role within GTS. The questions simply gauged my knowledge of the specific area I was matched to (Smarter Cities) and was very relaxed. I felt more like the interviewer was trying to sell me the role rather than me having to prove myself, perhaps due to my particular degree being useful to them.

Research the area, be confident and I’m sure you’ll be fine. I got my offer through yesterday - a total of 6 months from my initial application date.



I am appyling for IBM’s graduate Strategic analytic consultant role. I wanted to know what educational background others who have applied for the role come from and how did you fit in these role… I am stil stuck in answering the long questioners.


Hi, I hope your AC went well.
I have just completed my numerical and verbal reasoning tests and I hope I will get a telephonic interview call.

Could you please give me any tips or share the format and questions you were asked during the telephonic interview, and also your experience at the AC ?