IBM Consulting 2016 - My Journey from Application to Offer



Been waiting since mid February for my final interview! (Late Start, Technology Solutions)


Still waiting? I know I am!


That’s a long wait, but no news is good news, right? I found that they reject very quickly if they have to, but progressing takes a while. Hope it worked out for you!


May 20th!? did you went to hursley IBM, winchester? I went to my assessment day that day


Me too, Good luck, finger crossed


wow, thats a long wait but worthwhile, which role?


Hi, is anybody going to Berlin to AC on 15 and 16th of June?


Hi, did you apply for a position within the UK or Berlin?



I got a missed call from someone at IBM yesterday - they didn’t leave a message or email me. I phoned the switchboard to try to return the call - they couldn’t trace it. Left message with grad recruitment at lunchtime yesterday. Nothing back yet.


Next Update:

Turns out deferring IS an issue.


How come?


Hi all,

Has anyone got through the final stage of Technology Solutions Specialist Graduate programme? I completed my AC on Apr 22nd and still waiting to hear back from IBM on next stages. I applied for the early-2015 start. Are there others like me waiting? Would be good to know if anyone is in the same boat. From what I read on the previous posts I guess a 4-5 month wait is in place.


Passed the Assessment Centre for Business Specialist on 17th December and its now 17th June. Been waiting 6 months for a matching interview! Please tell me theres someone out there in the same position?


Wow that is a really long wait. I still don’t understand this process from IBM. Have you been given any update on your status?


HR. I got a phone call yesterday now to confirm. That HR were going to let me defer but it’s taken them a fortnight to decide that. So I was verbally offered a job on the phone yesterday and have been should be sent to me next week. I was. Told HR are busy sitting a lot of contracts and offers this week so if you’re still waiting then this week may bring you some news!


I passed an assessment centre for TSS on the 16th of February and have been waiting since.


I’m under “business review”… How about you?


Same- Business Review…

Anybody can shed light on what is the process in IBM? Is it normal to wait 5-6 months? Do you get in or not?


This is a long long wait ! Sometimes makes you wonder if you will get through or not


Pah that’s nothing guys - since October here! It’s absolutely crazy and awful isn’t it…?