IBM Consulting 2016 - My Journey from Application to Offer



I don’t have an answer to your question (sorry!) but I would like to know too - I’m in the same position. I also had a business matching interview at the AC, but seems like I was matched with another department so they have to interview me again… Did you get re-matched to a different department too?


It sounds like the same situation as me. When did you have your final interview?


In January… You?


I had the two interviews at an AC in November, still yet to be contacted with anything but automated emails


I had my final telephone interview this week with my matched department. I’m hoping that it doesn’t take much longer to find out if I was successful or not.


I can’t believe you haven’t heard anything since November! It’s sad that there’s nothing at all we can do about being kept waiting like this by graduate employers. Hopefully you all get the job!


Hi Shayanzd, could you please tell me more about your assessment day with IBM? I have one for technical consultant coming soon, and hope you can give me some tips for that! Thank you very much!


Me too!! I applied for early 2015 start as well! It’s mid-April now!


Me too!! I applied for early 2015 start as well! It’s mid-April now!


Same for me!




I had my assessment centre on the 23rd of January and have been under business review since the 3rd of February for a Business Specialist role and still haven’t heard anything else other than the general emails. Is anyone else in the same boat? How long did those that have been made an offer have to wait and did you have to have a final interview or were you made a direct offer? Thanks :slight_smile:


Don’t worry - I’ve been waiting for significantly longer, and so have quite a few others! Hopefully it’ll all work out in the end, but it is a tough wait definitely. Definitely lots of us in the same boat.


Hi, I had my final phone interview recently. They gave me a verbal offer at the end of the interview. It was one hour long but they were doing a lot of talking as well explaining what the service line is all about etc. They only asked some questions to check if your interests match the department, which was kind of what I expected because when HR contacted me about this interview they said that I’ve passed the AC already so IBM already likes me, it’s only a phone interview to see if I’m a good match to that particular department. So it was quite chilled out! It probably really depends on the service line though, some might have more competition etc. so might have to wait until they make final decisions.


Assessment centre mid November 2014 - two interviews on the day, confirmation I passed the next day.

Been in ‘Business Review’ 5 months. Nothing received except automated emails.

Has anyone in a similar position been given any more information?


I am in the same situation, just slightly shorter wait since the end of January for me. I am slowly giving up my hopes…


Have you offically heard back from IBM yet after the verbal offer? It sounds like my situation is very similar. I have been waiting 2 weeks since my final phone interview and am yet to hear anything offical.


Nope :confused: my interviewer said she was going to pass on her decision to HR… God knows when they’ll be getting back to us.


It’s been 5 months for me too and I applied for Early 2015 start. I emailed them asking what is considered ‘early’ seeing as it’s now almost May and they just sent me back the automated email. I asked them to send me my feedback which is kind of useful, even though it’s pretty brief.


Yep, same. No news is at least moderate news, I guess.