IBM Consulting 2016 - My Journey from Application to Offer



It took me 2 working days. However it depends on several factors including your particular stream and their current schedule for AC’s. I was probably simply lucky to apply at the perfect time for my stream - I first submitted my application on 6th Feb and had already completed the AC by 18th Feb.


Anyone who has had a final interview for late 2015 start, how long did it take for you to hear back after the final interview?


I am still waiting… i had my AC late november… What about you?


Had my AC late January, got invited to a final interview a week and a half ago and am waiting to hear back on a job offer. Was just wondering how long it takes to hear back about a final interview whether you are offered a job or not?


I had my AC in October last year, heard back beginning of February about a final interview, had my final interview middle of February and then got my offer for late 2015 a week later


Cool, should hear back soon then! Thanks for replying.


Did you have two interviews at your AC or just the one?


Just one interview. Then three weeks later, invited to a final interview at a different IBM office and just waiting to hear back about it now.


What service line did you both interview for?


I was cleared my all rounds in january and got offer letter in feb 2015. But my issue was with joining date. It’s been almost more than 15 days, but there is no revised date mail or intimation. However HR mailed me, last week to close this within 2-3 days.But till date no response from them.
Is there any clue, whether they will revert back or not? how much time it will take to close this process.


Which role and service line did you get the offer for?


Hi, I passed my AC in late January with 2 interviews on the same day, and have been receiving the generic we’re-looking-for-a-role-for-you-but-nothing-guaranteed emails… I thought everything went pretty well but the wait is killing me! Mine’s for technical consulting, late 2015 start, interviewed in London. Has anyone had an AC for the same position more recently and got an offer already?


I am in exactly the same boat as you! Although it looks like I will be waiting slightly longer as my AC was at the start of February. I’m expecting at least a 10 week wait, so I am about half way through now


It is for wdc developer


I am also joining in May 2015 for WDC C# .

I also needed extension as i have to serve 3 months notice period


Just got my offer… 4months after my AC! Direct offer! Be patient guys :slight_smile:


Got my offer last week too. Which service line did you apply to?


Hi, I am on the same boat, AC in January with 2 interviews and waiting since, approaching 8th week now - the wait really plays your nerves I must say; I have early 2015 start so who knows when is that. I am traveling at the moment so was wondering how does IBM let people know about their offers - call or email, just worried not to miss it. Cheers guys, and good luck to as all ‘patiently’ waiting.


Hi, can anyone tell me how IBM contact people regarding their offer as I am abroad at the moment so would like to know if to update IBM with different contact details or if it’s not necessary. Thanks!


Hi Daniel, still waiting and it’s been killing me, it will be almost 8 weeks since the AC. What about you, any luck?