IBM Consulting - 2016 Graduate Applications



Hey, thought I’d start a new topic help support everyone in making an application for IBM consulting roles in 2016.

Has anyone submitted and heard anything back yet? I plan to submit mine this weekend for Business Consulting. I’ve heard IBM took some time last year to get things going as they had a new process, so hopefully things will be a bit quicker this round.

Good luck to everyone!



I’m also applying to the IBM Consulting Programme, and I also plan to submit my application for the Business Consulting role by the end of this weekend.

They’ve only recently opened it up right? I doubt people would have heard anything back just yet.

I will keep a close eye on this thread and provide updates on the progress of my application, including any insights or tips I pick up on the way!

Good luck!



Hey, how are you getting on with your application? I found out I passed their tests and they’re now reviewing my application/CV. Fingers crossed! Was quite relieved as I was concerned about how I performed on the numerical. Hope yours is going well


Anyone else got through to an AC - I’m currently waiting on a date. How long do they take to get one back to you?


Hi Guys,

I recently submitted the IBM application form but didn’t include my CV as instructions were… “Once the IBM Application Template has been completed, please attach this to the CV/Resume section when you continue to apply”.

Was I supposed to include my CV?

I have been given a link to take the tests so I suppose I haven’t done wrong?

Any thoughts are welcome…


Hey, no you didn’t need to attach your actual CV, just the separate .doc application form.


Hi Guys,

I was wondering how hard the online tests are?

My maths is not fantastic, but I can cope…


Hi Everyone,

I submitted my consulting application to IBM on the 10th November and was notified on the 12th that I was through to the online tests. I completed these on the 13th but have yet to hear anything back. The only communication I’ve had is via my email and I have not been given a login for their site. I’m anxious to track my application… does anyone have any insight into how long it took to be notified if you passed the test or not please?
Grateful for your thoughts!



Anyone heard back from IBM after being told they passed the minimum requirements for the test? been 2 months for me


I was advised that I passed the tests a week and a half ago but nothing since. I had not idea it could take 2 months! Did anyone attach a cv to the online application please? I only had room for the IBM consultant template and now I’m worried that I should have attached a cv also!


Are you guys all applying for “Strategic-Analytic Consultant” role…?


Hi Jingran, I do. which step are you now?


hi rechael, what role did you apply for


hi there, what role did you apply for


Hey Jingran, I’m applying to that role too!

I’m wondering if you’ve passed the online tests?

Would you mind to share your experience? (i.e. tough or easy)

Many thanks,


Has anyone completed the video interview for Business Consulting? If so, can you provide any helpful tips please? I can help with other applications if you inbox message me Thanks