IBM Business Specialist Graduate Matching Process - Throughout 2016 Start




I had an IBM assessment centre for a Business Specialist graduate position on 10/12/15. I was told I had passed this the following day but have since not heard back regarding the next stage (i.e. direct offer/final interview). I was wondering if anyone has heard back for the 2016 intake or if anyone is in the same position as me? Also, does anyone from previous years have information on how long we may have to wait?




I passed an assessment day for Technology Solutions Specialist in November and was told by email that I am in the ‘matching process’.

I haven’t heard from them since, except from an automated email saying that they are working hard to match me to a position, and also that I am not guaranteed a position…

No idea how long the wait is :frowning:

Good luck


Hey, I was told I passed my assessment centre for Business Specialist on 12/02/16. A couple of weeks ago I got an email letting me know they haven’t forgotten me but thats it. I’ve done some research on this stage of the process but I haven’t found much. I know IBM are making a lot of redundancies right now so that may be effecting the hiring process. I’m expecting at least another 1-2 months before I hear anything…


Does anyone have any idea if its still worth waiting in the pool after the recent job freeze?


I’m also wondering about the recent hiring freeze. I passed the assessment center in December, and received an email in April saying that there’s a hiring freeze at the moment. Is anyone in the same boat?


I’m in the same boat, but I’m not sure tbh


Yeah, what you thinking? IBM is number one option but I don’t know now if the applications will even be continued with this year.


Same with me. I emailed asking if they’d let us know if I’d be moved to the next hiring cycle, and they said they’d reply with any info as soon as possible. I think I’m just gonna assume that I’ll be hired next year and just do a gap year. I think you can defer can’t you?


I’ve been given advice to look elsewhere from a guy who works there. That’s not to say they won’t pick up our applications in the end, but there’s no guarantee of it. Also there’s no saying when it will be and from what he’s saying its not a great place to work right now with all the redundancies. Having said that I think IBM is too big to take one mans experience to represent the whole company. But I’m concentrating on finding something else, if IBM gets back to me then great, I’ll have options. And if they don’t then I won’t be left with nothing.


I’ve also heard very mixed signals from people who are there. One says 100% look elsewhere, another says its expected (the job freeze) and just wait until July time. So think will start searching for other jobs and see what comes up.


Yeah I’m in the same position :frowning:

Massive kick in the nuts receiving that email- especially considering during my interview on the assessment day I was basically told "if successful today then you are 99% guaranteed to be hired. "

I’m not holding any hope on IBM - if they get back to me, great, but of course you have to continue applying elsewhere


I got a phone call today from IBM saying they want to interview me on Monday. But the job title is ‘IBM Digital Analytics Support Consultant’ instead of ‘Software Consultant’ like I applied for. It seems like more of a supporting role without much face to face client interaction (as far as I can tell), and I’m not that keen on it tbh. I’m not sure whether to do the interview anyway, or just decline it and stay in the waiting pool?


That’s amazing! Congrats, did they email at all? Slightly concerned as I’m out the country atm and don’t want to kiss anything. Tricky choice tbh, as atm I’m not sure if it’s worth taking whatever they offer.


Thanks. No, they didn’t email. I’m pretty sure the job is just helpdesk support consultant (the ones they normally outsource to India), so I’m really not keen on it. I might do the interview (just for practice) and then decline and stay in the hiring pool. All of this waiting is so annoying!


Yeah the interview experience would be good. I know this waiting is killing me! I turned down positions before hearing about the job freeze now I’m not sure what to do at all! I’m praying they start hiring again after Ginny said 900 more jobs will be coming up in the UK. Good luck with the interview.


Hi has anyone heard anything back yet? I’ve read from a few people that they’ll be starting jobs in July, but I’m still receiving emails saying jobs are on hold.


Nope, still waiting. Doing a gap year now, and if/when IBM decide to interview me, I’ll ask for a 2017 September start


Has anyone completed the video interview for Business Consulting? If so, can you provide any helpful tips please? I can help with other applications if you inbox message me Thanks

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