IBM Business Consulting Assessment Day


I’m attending the assessment day for IBM next week and was wondering if anyone could shed any light on what exactly happens in each of the tasks and any hints people who have been through the process may have.


Hi, how did it go? Have mine on the 7th of November


How did yours go? Hope it went well!


Not good, in our group (of 24) they took 2 people through to the after lunch stage of which one had done an internship with them a year before. It seems like they are really cherry picking this year. There were some really great people in my group, all fell by the way side. All I say is apart from polishing up on your Confirmatory IPAT (Number Sequences) people are best off staying in their zone. By that mean don’t get drawn into aimless “debates”, speak when you know something rather than blag during the group tasks.


That is very odd, we had like 7 people go through in the second part of the day… didn’t seem like they were cherry picking that much. Maybe they seemed great in the exercises but in the IPAT, not great? But yours sounds bad though! :frowning: I’m sorry to hear that!

Definitely be a passive leader, contribute useful stuff, don’t try to lead at all. Everyone who tried to lead in my group did not get through.


Yeah it was carnage in ours! The IPAT was okay it wasn’t overly difficult that 80% odd of the group would struggle to pass. I definitely agree with you on the passive leadership point I guess we missed a trick. All part of a learning curve