IBM Assessment Centre late 2015 start


Hello All,

I have applied for the IBM Graduate Scheme late 2015 start, and I was wondering if anyone knows anything about the Assessment Centres they do? Mine is in August 2015 being held in their headquarters in Portsmouth. In the email it says there will be 2 group exercises but not more in detail. Are we going to do something similar to the IPAT Test?

Look forward to hearing your responses :slight_smile:



Hey there

In case you haven’t seen it, this thread could make for useful reading:

Haven’t done the IBM test myself, but plenty of those who contributed in there have. Good luck!


Hey, Thankf for your reply,

I have seen this thread and it was very useful to prepare for my IPAT in which I passed. I am concerned about the AC Now !


no, you don’t do the IPAT test at the AC. the group tasks are literally that. good luck



I passed an Assessment Centre late March for 2015 entry and I have just been informed that there are no vacancies for this year and that my application will be considered for 2016… I’m confused as your AC is late on in the year and you also state you’re applying for 2015 entry? What position are you applying for if you don’t mind me asking?