IBM Assesment Centre, Early 2015 Start



Hi everyone,

I applied to IBM as a business specialist on their early 2015 graduate intake. I attended an assessment centre in Hursley on the 21st of January, made it through the afternoon selection interview and received an email on the 3rd of February saying I was successful and I am currently under business review. We’re now in April and I still haven’t heard anything else. Is anyone else in the same boat? Would be good to know if/ when I am likely to have a final interview/ job offer so I can plan accordingly…

I’ve been in touch with graduate recruitment team who simply say its still in review and they can’t give any more information as to if/ when I will hear anything. I’ve been receiving the generic holding emails saying that my application is under review but these are becoming increasingly sporadic.



Hi there!

Finally someone who is in the same boat as me! I also applied for Business Specialist, and passed the Assessment Centre mid December in Hursley but still haven’t heard anything back. I wonder what is taking so long…! I was also getting worried about the generic emails too. I used to get one every fortnight on a friday and now I am receiving them sporadically as well.

At least we know we’re not alone now!


At least we know we’re not alone! Did you apply for early 2015 entry too?

I’ll let you know if/when I hear anything, do you mind doing the same?

Its frustrating as its hard to make plans without knowing they are likely to want us to start.


Yes I applied for early 2015 as well. Of course I will do the same! I know, its frustrating. I don’t even know where in the UK I might be assigned to either… do you?


Hello! So I’ve just been invited in for a 45 min interview to assess my suitability for Global Technology Services. I applied to the position of Business Specialist and so am a little confused as I would have thought I would be seen by the Global Business Services team, not the technology team. Does anyone know if Business Specialists work within the Global Technology Services and is it easy to move across from GTS to GBS? I’m more interested in Business/ Consultancy work than implementation…

It said in my email that I should ‘prepare personal competency and technical responses as well as brushing up on your knowledge of Global Technology Services.’ Has anyone attended a similar interview? Do you know what is involved?

Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:


Hey there are you the same person that I was speaking to earlier in this thread? I have no idea why you would be interviewing with the technology services team if you applied for business specialist! But it’s great that you’ve heard some news! When is your interview? Best of luck!!!


Hi there,

I am the same person. I thought it seems a little strange but I understand GTS and GBS work much closer together and lots of Business Speicalists work in GTS. Have you heard otherwise? What have you applied for?

Thank You for your help.


Ah ok! Looks like I’m back to bring on my own with not hearing anything back haha. Yea I’ve just had a look online and it seems like they do work closely I guess just have a look online and see whats new on the IBM news sections for technology services. Do you mind me asking where you’ve applied to be based north or south? And is your interview over the phone or back in Hursley?


South and my interview is in Hursley. Are you the same?


I’ve basically said I can go anywhere! But apparently most jobs for business specialist are in London. Best of luck with your interview and let me know how it goes if you can :slight_smile:


Hi! Just wondering if you have completed your interview yet and how did it go?