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Hi guys!

anyone applying for IBM grad programme? I just got an email saying I was successful in the cv/test and I am invited for the first selection day. The date will be confirmed soon. Anyone else being invited?

I think they changed the recruitment process comparing to 2012 because right now there seems to be only one assessment centre. I found a good post in one of the IBM topics but there is no activity now so I thought it wold be a good idea to start a new topic for this years entry.

Someone posted:

I did IBM’s assessment day last Monday (15th Jan) for the Business Consulting grad scheme. I went through to the final round. (they’ve changed the application process this year and there is only 1 assessment day instead of 2. I think the morning corresponds to what the 1st assessment day used to be, and the afternoon what the second one was)

It was in Portsmouth North Harbour (IBM UK HQ), we were 36 candidates (mostly business consulting, a couple of tech consulting) split into 6 teams of 6. Here is how the day went:

  • Logic group exercise *
    30mins to solve a logic problem about a fictitious art gallery exhibition. Given information about the artists, how many paintings they each produced, the categories they could enter paintings in, and pieces of info about the placement of the paintings, we had to determine the placement of each painting.
    The 3 IBM assessers said nothing during the half-hour, they just listened and took notes (each keeping an eye on 2 candidates).
    TIPS: Engage others, keep track of time, stay calm & respectful, go through the project rigorously to make sure you do not omit anything

Case-type group exercise
Again 30mins. In the same group of 6, we had to come up with a plan for a corporate event that our fictitious client wanted to throw. Given client requirements (type of event, budget, etc.) and info about each venue we could host the part at (food & drink prices, size of room, amenities) we had to come up with a suggestion for where the event would be held and a schedule of the evening.
We had the opportunity to ask questions to the client during a 4 min period - use that time wisely. We asked: total invitations required (including spouses/partners)? Sit-down dinner or buffet? etc. At the end we had to present our plan to the fictitious client. It went pretty badly because we were debating which venue to choose so we didn’t have time to come up with a detailed budget and schedule.
TIPS: Set your group some deadlines. Work together, not against eachother.

Confirmatory IPAT test
22mins, same type of questions as online, except on paper (which means you spend as long as you want on each question)

— BREAK: 28 candidates out of 36 were sent home… —
The 8 remaining got a mediocre lunch.

Group case exercise in 2s
Our fictitious client was an ecommerce company looking to develop a mobile app. We were meant to represent a mobile app development company, and convince the client of the best plan for them. We were given lots of info about what the client needs, and what are the app solutions our company provided. We had 20mins to prepare and 5 (or 10, can’t remember) mins to pitch our solution to the client.
TIPS: make sure you have a recommendation ready by the end of the 20mins. Make sure you & your partner speak more or less the same amount of time. Put yourself in the shoes of the client (you can imagine what concerns they will have: price, app security, etc.).

Individual communications exercise
20mins. We had to write a follow-uo email to the CEO of the client firm, who had reservations about our solution (price & ROI of our solution). I’m a slow writer, I didn’t write much but I repeated the key points that we’d presented.
TIPS: Write professionally.

Individual interview
About 30mins.

  • You have moved around quite a lot (I’ve lived in a few countries) - what has been the most challenging aspect of that?
  • Tell me about your robotics project (I’m on a robotics team at uni)
  • Was your leadership position (in robotics team) self-appointed or a vote?
  • What do you know about IBM?
  • What has been most challenging as captain of your amateur football team?
  • (I said getting people to show up to training.) How do you do that?
  • Anything else you’d like us to know
    TIPS: Be confident, energetic, passionate.


Hi there, we already have a big IBM thread over at the consultancy forums, It is much more up to date as well!


I attended an assessment day with IBM in october and was successful. I have received a generic email every 2 weeks to say my application is being processed and they are working to find me a role. If I am honest i was hoping to have heard back by now and was wondering if anyone from the same assessment day has heard back? it was for a graduate position starting late 2015