IBM 12th assesment centre



I have been invited to the 12th assesment centre… What should I prepare? Any suggestion?

Does anyone come at the same day??



My name K. Madhukar, I was also invited. I am attending in London my email id is It is schedule on 12-SEP-2011.

May I know where you are from and in which city you are atteding ? Kindly share what is IPAT any one has idea ?

My contact number is 0044 7550516087

With Regards,
kurimilla madhukar.



I will attending in IBM Hursley… sorry for not telling before.

I am from Spain, by the way.

Good luck!!


All thebest lads…one thing i will advice…Prepare for your IPAT test…when i was there, the lady said if you dont pass the ipat test, it doesnt matter what how well you do in the other activities,…Good luck



Thanks, what is IPAT, How many hours papaer, how manay question is it a written or non return examination ?

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Any one of you got selection day on 31st January?
I got mine on this date.

If you have already attended, Could you please give some details about the tasks and the tests? It will be grateful.



I have read on some threads that they don’t provide calculators for the confirmatory IPAT test and the time limit is very short…

Could you guys please give tips about this…??



How did your assessment centre go? I got mine tomorrow …any tips or pointers?


I have assesment day on March 15, plz can you share some information about assesment day


Hi All,

I have an AC on 17th April 2012 at 8:45 am for Business Consultant role in this graduate scheme. Is there anyone else with the same date and role? Thanks ems23 for giving us a brief idea about what exactly happens at AC of IBM. I’ll keep these tasks in mind before hand and will also practice some tasks if possible. I just wanted to know what all has to prepare for the 30 minutes presentation about IBM? Could you please give me a brief idea about what all needs to be included in the presentation then that will be a great help.



Anyone attended yesterday’s AC / heard from IBM yet?


I have AC on 27th April in Southbank…could someone please share their experience and what is the best way to prepare for it? Do we have to make a presentation on IBM as there wasn’t anything mentioned about it in the invitation email I received?




If it’s your first group assessment date, you don’t have to give any presentations.


Its my second assessment centre…where we are meant to have one group exercise, a written task, a presentation and an interview. Is the presentation supposed to be prepared beforehand or on the day from information provided to us?


Hello, I’ve got a selection day for IBM’s Grad Business Consultant role coming up on 13th June 2012 @1.15 in portsmouth, anyone have any advice on what to expect?

Anyone else gonna be there?

Cheers Ram


Hey Everyone,

date’s not confirmed but have been invited for Selection Day as I successfully passed the IPAT.

Any help, suggestions would be very helpful. Most importantly, what can I do to prepare myself for this day, I’ve never been to one before.

Many Thanks!!