IBD interview problem


Hello all

I’ve been following this forum for some time now and I find it quite informative. Also knowing that so many people experience the same situation as myself helps tremendously.

So I would like to ask someone for advice to my problem. Last year I was applying for summer internships in IBD/capital markets
but I did not get through at the three ACs I attended. The general feedback was that I did not present myself as someone who
“thinks business” and is able to identify investment opportunities on the spot…Though I had a good commercial awareness (I study economics & law and aim for 1st class upon graduation), this did not help me at all. Also, I have a lot of extracurriculars and worked previously as a customer advisor in retail banking for several months.

Anyone experienced the same? Any ideas how one can improve before other interviews come along?
I was terribly miserable and wondered whether I could ever make it into IBD…

any suggestions would be of immense help…thank you.