IB Internship - Cover Letter Check


Hey mates,

I am a German student applying for a Summer Internship Programme at Societe Generale in London.

To be honest, I am rather new with writing cover letters in English, actually it is difficult enough to get things right in German.
My English is not that bad, it’s just the difficulcy to get in right and concise in a cover letter.

Do you mind having a quick glance at it and telling me if it is all right? It remains a rough draft though, I still have time until
the application deadline.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Kind regards,



I have a problem with copy& pasting the cover letter.

When I try to save the posting in the forum, it says the following: “Posting content with non-Latin characters is disallowed.”

What does this means? The test is of course in English, Google Chrome is in English, the format is ANSI, just Windows is in Russian.
But does this matter? This problem doesn’t occur when I type in the text, it’s just the cope & paste doesn’t work.

Thanks again and sorry for the inconvenience.


Definition lists are similar to other HTML lists.

begins the definition list,
begins the definition term and
begins the definition description.

Or maybe the text is just to big to be sent in one posting, I try and split it up:
Dear Sir or Madam,
While doing daily research concerning internship vacancies, I came across your Summer Internship
Programme in the field of Middle Office / Client Support based in London and listed on your website. My
interest in that position is very high, thus I would like to submit my application. I reckon that my
educational and academic background, as well as my individual skills set match the requirements
demanded in your offering.


i’d expand on that mentioning the specific examples of your actual experiences, to back it up rather than general sentences you know…say where you’ve used Excel for example.