Iam 31 and want to break up into banks.Any chance?Full story below


Hi. My name is Denis. I am foreigner who came into the UK about 5 years ago. I have graduated from Cardiff University, unfortunately with 2:2 in international business management, so no intern ships. I have graduated last year tho.

Iam 31 years old. Experience in sales mostly

Currently working in London, City. Company called Euromoney. I am an accounts manager for Russia and CIS as I have the privilege to be native in Russian. We do sell financial courses.

I Have an understanding of financial system as it is. Also surely willing to learn.

My Aim is to get a general picture regarding where to move in now and what industry. Banking and finances is looking interesting for me , same as trading, brokering. Hence my questions:

  • do I have chance to start working in financial industry (bank) and make a career there and if yes - where more luckily?
    -If yes, what would I need to get there (MBA, FSA)?
    -What is shortest and more reliable way of getting into the industry?
  • What part of industry is more luckily for me to get the job in?

Please help me to understand what I do stand on and to plan my next move.

Thank you