i went for an interview at RBS! it was different? did i get the job?


Did i get the job???
it lasted about an hour, and in the end she started telling me about the job, how much pay, and asking if i have holidays booked, can i start immediatly and the timings and if i could work weekends (RBS customer advisor job) and also telling me about the training and when it starts etc

i think i messed the first part up with the questions, but the other questions i think i did fairly well…at first the interviewer was abit dull during the end she really brightend up and was laughin etc

in then end she went my assistant has wrote everything you said in the interview we will look at that and then ‘we will call you back’ in a week and we have been really busy!

what do you think guys, i think i did ok but not sure


Happens all the time! They have to ask those questions dont you think??!!??