I want to work for International News Agencies or TV Channels.


I am a cameraman and i want to learn more in camera work and working for famous news agencies and TV channels like bbc,cnn,sky news,reuters etc.but the problem is that how can i apply.I need applying procedure any body knows about it please e-mail me.


Are you talking about working in the UK or in Pakistan? If UK - the first thing you need to do is to come to the UK and to get a Visa or working Visa. After this you will need to apply directly to firms like BBC, reuters, CNN via various forms found on their websites.

It would also be useful to join networking groups to develop contacts…

Let me know which country you want to work in, exactly what you want to do, and what your experience is and I’ll try to help you more specificly…




If you want to do camera work you really need to be camera qualified and take a course.