I need help in getting into 'Big 4' firm!


im 18 years old and im pursuing a future in accounting(ACA)and want to get into the big 4 accounting firms for my training from what i read about the requirements…I needed 280 ucas points to be eligible for the top firms.

I got 300 points in ucas(got grades of ‘B’‘B’‘B’ in all 3 A-Level)…now the PROBLEM are my GCSE grades…i got a ‘D’ in my GCSE Math and an ‘A*’ in my English Language…from what i read a person needs at least a ‘B’ GCSE math…to get into the big 4

So my query is do i have a chance of getting into the big4…with my poor grade in GCSE math?..but i did ace my A level didnt i?


Did you do A Level maths?
I think you’l have a hard job getting an ACA contract anywhere with a D in maths GCSE…


Im sorry but honestly without the entry requirements it is a rejection guaranteed unless you genuinely have some extenuating circumstances.

They are pretty strict about it, Im a second year at Deloitte London Office.

Also, even if you had an A in A Level Maths, it would not make up for the lack of a B in GCSE Maths as unreasonable as that may seem.


The main issue is that your application will most likely be automatically rejected if you haven’t attained a grade B or above in GCSE maths - unless you have extenuating circumstances. Have you looked into the possibility of retaking GCSE maths at all? Having a grade B in GCSE maths is just a box that the big 4 firms must tick and I’ve never read anything that states the grade must be attained during the first sitting. Anyone else know about or tried this?


Hi Ghaz94. Are you attempting to join a Big 4 firm as a School Leaver or as a graduate?