I met a Caucasian guy on a Dating site


I met a Caucasian guy on a Dating site. By the way - we are about 35. In appearance - very smart, decent, decent, educated. Pretty. Aimed at serious relations. In correspondence liked each other. We met and talked for several hours… Told each other something about previous relationships and Dating. It turned out that he went to meetings with a lot of women from a Dating site (maybe 50 or more) … How many of these meetings resulted in a relationship - I can not say… I think a lot. I have same - quite modest experience - on dates was only about 4 times, one of them resulted in marriage, two other - in long-term relations. (all my men turned out to be the same as I was - in General, not shabby in a relationship). Before meeting me, he had a relationship with a girl from a Dating site that lasted a month. After all this information, I had a strange feeling in my soul… Either disgust, or disgust, or disappointment… The realization that Dating site is a conveyor… Or market. Where everyone tries each other, sort out, easily part and again find themselves on the site… I don’t want to get caught in that clip… Carousel… But maybe I’m winding myself up for nothing. To be honest, I have no desire to go on a second date… Even though intellectually I understand that objectively this guy is good in all respects… It is possible that candidates better than him on a Dating site and not find… But I can’t suppress that nasty feeling in me… I should not beat myself up ? I’m beginning to think that it is better to live alone, not to try to meet and pursue a career… than to be another object of tasting…

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