I hope so much to get this job


Hi everybody,

Got an phone interview and did actually pretty well, but one point maybe was I couldn’t ask the interviewer a question, because all my prepared questions were covered during the interview. I mention that but I think it had been better if I had asked a question. Futher they told me there were other candidates too and they let me know as soon as possible the other candidates interviews are done. The problem I see is there is only one place for this internship and I have no glue how good my chances are. The interviewer also mentioned that I am really matching the requirements.
Arrghh, it is just an awful time to wait and wait for the reply. I know I get an answer this week. I fear a rejection very much, because now it is January and there are not much internships left for summer 2010.

Question, have you ever got an rejection although you thought you did the phone interview pretty well?



Welcome to the world of grad jobs… I attended 5 ACs before getting an offer that I wanted. Any I have had phone interviews that I thought went horribly, and got through and other times where i thought theres no way I havnt got this, and been rejected!


First off: good luck.

I think most people on the site have been through a similar situation, there isn’t anything else you can do just wait for the answer. I’ve had several interviews where I haven’t asked a question to the interviewer at the end. It isn’t normally part of the assessment, well I’ve never had it mentioned in the feedback after one before. It can possibly help create the impression of interest especially in a face to face interview but in a phone interview I wouldn’t worry about it.