I have an offer from E&Y, but I have already signed contract with another firm, What should I do?

1st Place

Hi Guys
I would like to seek your help and advices on a rather delicate matter.

I’m a 2nd year student who looking for placement. I got an offer from my first assessment centre, a firm which I applied out of curiosity and with the hope of getting some experience rather than genuine interest. However I must say the job wasn’t at all bad, the people was really nice and since it’s a toy company I reckon It’s gonna be fun, if it’s not because of the rural location which is pretty bad for me since I don’t have a driving licence and I like to be in big city, I would have accepted it. That was beginning of January and I was still very much confident of my chances to get a better job,so I turned it down with a rather lame excuse about location.

As February coming to an end, I become more and more anxious as my applications so far received no reply. Know that feeling of constantly checking your email every hour for a letter that never came?. So I decided to call the toy company back, asking if the position is still available. They call me back the day after offer me another position which is pretty much the same with the 1st one, I accepted it with the kind of thinking” let’s get this over with, it’s only one year anyways” they sent me the contract 1 week later and I legally signed it and already sent it back to them.

Life sometimes can be really tricky, after I accepted the offer invitation for interviews and AC just flying in, naturally I turned most of them down but one which is from E&Y, which I feel like at that time that attend some of their interview will do me no harm and to be honest I was attracted by their “big firm” status. I just known that I have got through to the partner interview stage yesterday. When the happiness has died down I have to face with the consequences of what Am I going to do if I’m offered the job.

There is no doubt in my mind which of the job I prefer; I love E&Y from the 1st interview. The people who are really nice and friendly, the place which are based in big city, not to mention the salary, are all the factors that made E&Y my dream job. But since I have already signed a written contract with other company, I know I might even face with legal thereat if I were to withdraw from the contract. Not to mention that is a really unethical thing to do, especially after they have offered me the 2nd chance.

But it’s a one year of my life, and I don’t want to waste it or live it to regret a decision. What am I planning to do is to wait after the partner interview and If I get the job offer, write an email to the toy company explain everything honesty, if they are not going to release me then I shall go back to work for that company, if they are… OMG

My main concern is that I don’t want to come across as an dishonest person, or a constantly changing mind one. IF E&Y know I break a contract with a company to work for them would they employee my anymore ? I know I’m wrong in the 1st place but what is the best thing I can do at the moment ?

Much appreciated for any helps


So what happened?