I have a verbal reasoning question. Please help..


I am applying for a graduate role with this financial firm and this question was asked on the application form:

A payroll system needs to be modified. The required functionality is as follows:
-To pay salaries monthly rather than weekly

This global payroll system receives data feeds from a number of sources such as attendance monitoring, shift rosters and pensions. It provides data feeds to finance systems, the Inland Revenue and banks.

What elements (technical and other) would you consider in producing a design and what are the key risks?

I am ok wit other questions except this. Thank you


Surely you’d need to include something about the data protection act? If you suddenly have a lot of information in one place you’d have to ensure that it’s compliant against hackers etc.

Technically, how are you going to shift from a legacy system to a new system - what’s the plan on the interim front? Is it going to be a complete global switchover in one day or will it be trialled and rolled out in various regions one at a time?

If you’re paying monthly rather than weekly wouldn’t you need to change tax codes and so forth for employees? They’d now be being paid on a month by month basis (i.e. 28 days, 30 days, 31 days in different months) instead of 52 steady installments, so they would have to be taxed differently.

Just a few thoughts - I’m by no means an expert!


Thank you Charlotte, that was very insightful. I thought about these factors just being paranoid about what the assessor might think.
Now I 've got more confidence. Thank you.