I din't get the job for the millionth time



Hello everyone.

I am in desperate need of advice.

After consequently trying to step in to the engineering department for the company I have given the last 13 years of my life, I am once again, told that I was unsuccessful at this time. I am gutted. Especially given the fact that this apprenticeship has been given, once again, to another college whom has had it in the past and lost it due to allegedly cheated his expenses.

I am not saying he does not deserve a second change. We are all human and sometimes some of us, at most, make some pretty stupid mistakes. The point here is what about my first chance? When will I get it? There are quite a few of us, at the moment, quite distressed for missing yet again this rare opportunity which was given to someone who already had his first chance and blew it.

I am looking for advise in respects to righting a well strong worded letter to HR so to let them know my/our feelings with the outcome of this opportunity.

Do I have a case? Should I right a letter of complaint?

I do not wish to engage with grievance but I fell a letter should be wrote to them.

I was told in the past, on another occasion, that yet another colleague got his apprentice due to having a Level 2 in electrical installations. So, I set myself to get some qualifications behind me so to have a better chance at future positions within the company’s engineering department. Throughout that time I have qualified as a Cisco Network engineer, given its’ my field, and I am now trained to Level 2 and half way through my Level 3 in electrical installations. Still, spite I am better qualified than most, and having 9 years experience with all machinery involved on my department, I am still left behind. I mean this colleague only had a level 2 in electrical installations and no engineering skills, but he got along with management. This seems to be the case were I work.

It’s not what you know but whom you know.

What shall I do?

Any help is truly appreciated.

Kind regards,
Carlos Arruda