I can't pass online verbal and numerical tests!

Royal mail

Hi guys,

I’ve applied to both Royal Mail and Tesco Finance graduate schemes and am having trouble passing the online and numerical tests. I’ve just recently applied to KPMG, PwC and Deloitte so was hoping the tests would in some way give me some confidence going into these tests. I now feel disheartened and feel like if I can’t pass Tesco and RM tests how will I pass others.

Need some advice in how you guys went about preparing for these tests and what you used and how long you really prepared for these. Bear in mind I’ve even got A level Maths at A Level!

Thanks for your time


www.assessmentday.co.uk is an excellent website as it offers the solutions to the tests as well so you can learn by your mistakes! Hope this helps and good luck!


It’s all about practice. I have a first in maths and it took me a while to get used to the numerical tests. In terms of the verbal, the trick is to be super rigoruous, unless something is explicitly stated then the answer is going to be cannot say. Watch to make sure you’re not inferring anything because you’re not supposed to do that.


I am also having problems with verbal reasoning, permanently scoring about only 70%. You really have to be rigorous, the “cannot say” seems to be a very frequent answer. I can’t get used to it though, mostly choose either true or false… Any tips on how to improve in this?


70% isn’t bad - if you got 70th percentile in most companies you would get through I think


Yes, but compared to approx. 90% average in numerical tests I find it relatively bad and would like to improve it. Or is it overall standard that people score more in numerical than verbal?


I always do better in the verbal test, part of the reason they do them is to figure out what type of thinker you are so I wouldn’t worry if I was better in one than the other. Your tests show you’re more of a numerical thinker :slight_smile:


when I do my practice tests if I got too many “can’t say” i always feel suspicious, and Im wondering if thats really possible to have that many answers of “can’t say” T_T