I am a PQ. Should I return to studies or not?


Putting aside any personal issues you may have such as children etc. the answer is that if you have the niche in the market for PQ’s then you will have a secure job, and from the employers’ viewpoint there is less chance that you will be looking for career progression, thus you may be a better bet as an employee.

You can, just as a qualified, keep up to date with all the changes in tax and accounting law, and thus your knowledge base will always be current. The application of accounting software is the same for PQs as for all others, so if you combine current know;edge with good software skills, there is no overriding need to return to studies. These may in fact be detrimental as they will give you technical knowledge which may detract from your practical approach.

Feel confident in your ability and unless you have an overbearing urge to return to studies, don’t be bullied into them.


I have some sympathy with the views expressed above but I do think that age has a relevance here.

Clearly the older you get the less the inclination to study or so statistics would suggest.
Of course there will always be the exception to the rule and indeed I have personally known a man of 80 who still wanted to study to advance his knowledge!

I think that by and large some people lack fulfilment if they do not study so maybe it is better for them to do so, but not at a higher level. It is interesting that some of the more established institutes are providing courses of study which give more than a solid grounding and I think these should be considered .

The point is that these days with AAT and many similar courses people can get some letters behind their names and thus feel proud of theor achievments.


Having read the post of Turk Town Boy I am in agreement that there are numerous avenues that can now be pursued that will encourage people to return to their studies. As for the comment in age I am not sure one can generalise on that but only last week I was talking to a friend who is in his early 70’s and 10 years ago he completed a masters in Military History. Not easy but proof that age is no barrier.
With the assistance of computers and other advanced study aids there is no doubt that the drudgery of study has been lessened and thus I think those that stopped studying some time ago may wish to revisit the position.
Of course these decisions must always be devoid of any peer pressure. If the NQ/PQ wishes to study as a partnership we will stand behind them and give total support as every good employer should as there is benefit for both parties.