Hymans Robertson interview

Hymans Robertson


just finished mine… intense… how do you feel abt it?


hey, i sent you a direct message


hey John, I am having an interview with them next week, I am wondering if they asked you anything based on your CV or work experience?
Or it is just completely competency based as the questions you mentioned above? Thanks!!


Hi Dave, I am attending their AC on Monday. I am wondering if you could share what the AC is like here? There are so many exercises and I don’t know what they mean by Analytical Test, could you give some information on that? Thanks soooo much!!


Had a telephone interview. A number of questions based on my application form. Some questions were:
What do you know about other departments other that what you have applied for?
Tell me what you know about the culture of our firm.
What will you be doing day to day in the role you have applied for.
What do you know about the actuarial exam process.
Tell me 3 weaknesses of yours.
Have you applied to any other firms and what sort of roles are they.


Hi mz11,
How did the assessment center go? Did you get the job?
I was wondering whether you could tell me what it was like in the end?
I too do not know what the analytical test or written test means. Could you please let me know? I would love to try and prepare for it in some way, if i get called to the final stage.
Any information would be great.



Hi DDapplicant,
How did the telephone interview go? Did you get through to the face to face interview or get the job in the end?

I was just wondering whether you could tell me what the analytical and written tests were like in the last stage. Can’t really find any information about them online and would love to know more if possible?

Any information would be great.