Hymans Robertson interview

Hymans Robertson


Fair enough, there’s also another assessment centre on the 9th.


According to their Twitter feed, there were 500 applications, nearly 200 phone interviews. I’m guessing probably 60-70 go through to AC. Half of those will probs get offers.


Can anyone please tell me about how to prepare for Assessment Day for Hymans. This would be my 1st such interview. Please help me with details…


actuarial and defined benefit. you?


Anyone received a call for assessment centre interview for Actuarial at Hymans…???


Hi! I had a telephone interview for the actuarial role last Friday! Still waiting for an answer though… they told me that within one week I’ll have the answer.


ok…Hope you get through… Do you have an idea about assessment day at Hymans. What do I need to prepare for it, any actuarial exams questions can be asked or not etc etc…


No, unfortunately I have no idea! I wish you all the best for the AC!


I have an assessment day this monday too. They let me know within a week of the telephone interview (which was by far the easiest telephone interview I’ve ever had). They are booking me in a hotel the night before too!


I hear they are giving away just a couple of positions per office… I imagine it might be a few more in Glasgow and London (hopefully London at least!)


has anyone else received an email saying your application has been put on hold until 16th Dec?


Manlymanjamie–Would you be able to tell me about your experience after you attend Monday’s assessment day. I have never attended one, therefore I am very worried. I would really appreciate if you could help.


I haven’t received anything yet… no rejection nor put on hold email, did anyone of you call them or followed up b4 receiving these emails ?


Please Can anyone share their experience of Assessment centre with Hymans 2013…??


Mine is on 13th, So No updates at all. Any one please provide a detailed update on the Assessment centre’s type of tests, group discussions etc…



when will offers be made…? did any one get one …kindly update…as they said dec 16th is when they will roll out offers … correct me if i am wrong…


Hi Sravanthi- Yes, they said they will give offers on 16th and 17th December by giving a call. and also they said if you don’t receive a call until 17th dec, assume you haven’t been selected and within few days, you will receive a letter of rejection from them…


Hi…the thing is I am in India…and worried abt calls…newaz I informed them…lets c… hope for the best…so did anyone get the offers ???


hi…did anybody hear from them yesterday…??? update…


I don’t think anyone has heard anything yet! I felt my assessment centre went well and no one I’ve spoken to has had a call yet. Did they say specifically the 17th? At my interview they just said this week and definitely before christmas. They have a lot to decide, not only who they’re taking on but where and in what area, plus they’re giving feedback for everyone which will take time to write up, and it will take a while to get through 20+ offer phone calls. Such a horrible thing to be waiting!