Hymans Robertson interview

Hymans Robertson


I have an ac with hymans on the 8th, can anyone give me an insight into what non-competency questions are asked in the interview? What technical knowledge do I need?

Thanks for any help


Hey Maukki, no one seems to be sharing their experiences this year! I hope you’re AC is going well, i’d love to hear how it went.


Hello, Ive got an AC on that day in that office too, I look forward to meeting you :slight_smile:


Hi! I look forward to meeting you too, how’s your interview prep going? I’m so confused as to what pensions knowledge we need to know! :confused:


Well currently I’m just trying to prepare for the general questions and remembering what i put in my application! But I’m confused too, pensions is new topic to me, but apparently they don’t expect us to know specific details.


Oh that’s good then. Well good luck with your prep and I guess I’ll see you on Tuesday!


any advices to prepare for my phone interview with hymans robertson ? I would really appreciate it if someone tell me what type of questions do they give…

Thank you for helping


Thank you for replying, I really appreciate it… I hope that the questions are like the normal team work, problem solving questions. Can you let me know on tuesday what type of question they ask you exactly?
I really wish you the best of luck :slight_smile:
If anyone else had an interview with wikijobs… Can you please share your experience with us ?


Hey… Thank you so much for the website… I really wish you the best of luck.
Let me know how it goes.



I have an interview for graduate trainee consultant position late next week. Was wondering if anyone has any idea of what questions to expect?

dlod47 how was your interview, can you shed any light on what to expect?

rania.baalbaki when is your interview?


Hey all!

Anyone had this phone interview recently? dlod47 and rania, your feedback would be really great!


Can anyone else share examples of questions they were asked please?



I had an assessment day with Hymans Roberston about 10 days ago and have been invited to an assessment day next week. I was wondering whether anyone else has had assessment day invitations? Or anyone with experience of Hymans Robertson assessment days?

The interview questions were mainly about the role, expectations and motivations. There was also one about the qualification.



****CORRECTION to the above I had a phone interview about 10 days ago!!


sma10nm I have an AC next Monday for the London Office. Where/when is yours?


anyone are still waiting to hear back from Hymans regarding the outcome of phone interviews?


I’m still waiting, seriously doubt I made it through. Pissed off that they happily announce stuff on Twitter about assessment centre but don’t have balls to email rejections beforehand.


Hi zcakh, what position did u apply for ?
I haven’t heard back from them… I am still waiting


Did anyone else receive any feedback from them ?


I think the people that were notified have done their interviews earlier than than the other who did not hear back? I am just speculating. I called HR a few days ago and they said that they will get back in 7-10 days since they were still interviewing people