Hymans Robertson interview

Hymans Robertson


“the entire process took 40 minutes.”

40 minutes


Thank you Lotak, sorry about that.



Anyone going to the AC next friday?


Anyone going to the AC next friday?


I’ve got an AC on the 13th in Glasgow.


Has anyone heard back from their AC?


Which AC did u go to? Ive not heard back from bham office.
By the way Lotak nice one you helped a lot.


London last friday (a bit over a week ago). When was the bham one, and when did they say ull know by?


Sorry for takin ages - the AC i attended was on the 14th. They said they will let us know by wednesday… but cant help but keep checking my phone every two mins!!!


Has anyone received offers from Glasgow’s AC on Thursday? I believe we should be hearing today/ tomorrow. . .


I’ve not heard anything yet from the Glasgow AC either. Either they’re still working out the last details or I’ve not been successful…


Yes, I’m starting to get concerned: as I understood the ‘debriefing’ re: decision meeting was on Friday and I’d expect offers to be made quite soon after (though they were undecided about the specific date). I would, though I’m merely hypothesizing, think that tomorrow would be the last possible date of offers as I would expect any details to be finalised by then. . .


I emailed yesterday and they said they would let everyone know by the end of the week


I was phoned this morning by the Glasgow office. They’re still considering some applications as the quality of applicants was so high. They’ll get back to me the week starting the 7th of January. Anyone else had a phone call like this?


Nope, got a letter today saying I had been unsuccessful :frowning:


Ah crap, sorry to hear that.


Have you heard anything yet @lostromantic?


No word yet. Was supposed to be this week so it’s not looking good I fear!


Yeah, I’m in the same position, so I know exactly how you’re feeling!!


I’ve got an AC on the 12th in Birmingham, has anyone been to one this year?