Hymans Robertson interview

Hymans Robertson


Anyone had any experience with an interview with Hymans Robertson?


i had a telephone interview with them about 3 weeks ago, but still waiting to hear back from the repsonse. I was told originally id hear back from 7-10 days, so emailed them and they apologised saying that they had a high volume of candidates and they would get back to me a few days. Very doubtful i got through tho!
Overall the interview was ok, mainly compentency based (asking for more examples then already included on the application form!).


Has anyone been to an assessment centre for Hymans Robertson?

Mind sharing your experience? Any advice would be appreciated!!

Found out last week that I passes the telephone interview.

Thank you


I submitted mine a couple of weeks ago, but they said they will start reviewing applications at the end of February?! :S


hmmm thats strange! i fort the applications ended on the 17th nov? Maybe they conduct a second round of intakes? What was the role you applied for? I still havent heard the outcome of my telephone interview- i presume that i didnt get through as the ac’s were a week or so ago lol!


It was for the ‘2009 Summer Internships’, whatever that is…

Check out their site: http://www.hymans.co.uk/careers/graduates/Pages/Default.aspx

"2009 Summer Internships

We are offering opportunities for summer placements in 2009 for students who are in the penultimate year of their undergraduate degree.

If you wish to be considered for a summer internship, please email your CV together with a covering letter to recruitment@hymans.co.uk.

We will review applications after the closing date of Friday 27 February 2009."

Very strange… :S


In early December I had an assessment centre with Hymans Robertson and I would like to tell you the experience I had.

• Two months after my lengthy application I received a phone call from Hymans to say that I had been invited to a phone interview. I had the phone interview a few days later and thought it was very simple. They guy asked me various competency questions which I expected and I only got caught out on one question which was “apart from the issue you gave in your application can you tell me about another issue in the pensions market” I waffled with this but it seemed to work as I was invited to the assessment centre.

• I then attended the assessment centre which was very similar to other actuarial interviews that I had been to. First all twelve of us were given a talk about Hymans and the type of work we would be doing as a graduate. This was very relaxed and helps me settle down.

• The twelve up us were then split up into to groups; my group had to do tests first, which involved maths, English and special awareness. They were not SHL and the maths test was simple calculations that had to be done quickly. The English tests were like matching two words with the same meaning, and the third test was all about shapes and trying to predict what the next shape would be. These tests were not long about eight minutes each.

• Then I had an interview which involved two partners asking me various questions. The first part of the interview was very much competency based but then they did ask some technical questions, they went into a lot of depth and if I did not have good enough knowledge then I believe that I would have been found out. The interview lasted about an hour, but the two assessors were very nice.

• Then we had lunch which involved talking to graduates and partners about the experience they have had, it was informal but I did feel like I was being assessed. With stuff like this I believe that if you don mess it up by saying something stupid then you should be all right.

• Finally my group then had to do a group exercise. We were given a case study and had to write a letter proposing some ideal to another firm, we were acting like consultants. Then we had to as a group discuss three topics of advice which we felt would be ideal for the firm we were consulting. Given these three topics the group was then split into two and we had to give a five minute presentation on one of our ideas. We did not see the other presentation as we were given a guide around the London office when the other group was presenting. Then finally the whole group had a five minute discussion of what we did good and bad in our group exercise

• Finally all twelve of us were brought back together and the head of graduate recruitment gave us a finally talk and goodbye.



I have an assessment centre with Hymans Robertson coming up next week and was wondering if anyone could give me some feedback on what to expect from the numerical/written tests. I understand that these are different from the standard ones.

If anyone could give an example of the types of questions asked/what to look at, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!



i also have an assessment centre next week (rescheduled because of snow!) and would really appreciate some pointers. What can I do to prepare it? Are the tests difficult? Also, should I have a pensions topic prepared thats different from the one I used in my application form and interview?





Did you have your assessment centre? Mines is next week. Could you please tell me what to expect and how I can best prepare myself?




Hi S, It got cancelled unfortunately due to the weather. Mine is not tomorrow – I’m assuming that this is when yours is?



Hey Graeme,

Yep mines is tomorrow and I’m not feelong very prepared - eep! What office have you applied for?



Hey guys

I have an interview with Hymans Robertson on Tuesday for Actuarial Consulting and wondering if anyone has had a recent interview that they could share with us!


Had my interview

These were the questions I got asked:

Why actuary?
In 2 sentences, define actuarial consultant? (HARD but he will not speak until you have given 2 sentences)
What skills does an actuarial consultant need?
Discuss a recent pensions issue related to actuarial consultant?
How have you gone about in researching the role and what do you know about qualification?
Time when I have innovated or improved something?
Time when I was able to negotiate or persuade someone?
Why Hymans Robertson?
What other roles have you been looking for?

There was no probing on the questions and in all; the entire process took 40 minutes.

He said he’ll get back to me in a couple of weeks.


Hey Lotak,

Was this your first round interview? Also, if you dont mind me asking which office was it for? I’ve got a first round interview next week in Glasgow. First ever interview, so feeling pretty nervous! Hope you got through, good luck!


Hi Lostromantic,

This was my first round interview for the London office.
The process is very daunting, but all I can say is to try and relax as much as you can.

Good luck


Cheers Lotak,

Keep us posted on your progress eh? Studying just now for the interview…scary stuff! Although, posting the questions you were asked was really helpful. Thanks for that. I know they won’t ask the same things but at least I have a general idea =)!


Oh, also. The two competency based questions they asked you are pretty similar to what they asked in their application form. Did you give the same examples but with a little more detail or did they expect you to give other examples too?


I didn’t even realise they were similar to the questions in my application, but I believe I gave two different examples.


Hey guys…does anybody know how long the telephone interview is ?

Thanks =)